Kurdish separatist leader Abdullah Ocalan calls for peace and end of conflict, claims Hürriyet newspaper

Ankara: The head of the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party, Abdullah Ocalan, who is currently being held in a Turkish prison, urged his colleagues to give up fighting and terrorist methods and go to peace negotiations with Turkey. This was March 21 edition reported Hürriyet.

“Guns should fall silent, and in the foreground must exit policy,” – said in a statement A.Odzhalana, which on Thursday had read one of the leaders of the Kurdish separatists in Diyarbakir, the unofficial capital of Turkish Kurdistan. The speech of PKK leaders dedicated to the Novruz holiday (Nowruz), celebrated today by a number of Turkic and Iranian peoples.In this written speech A.Odzhalanom urged to stop Kurdish armed struggle. “Right now reached a time when our armed forces better to protect the borders of the country. This is not the end. This is the beginning of a new era,” – said in his address.
Earlier A.Odzhalan proposed plan of settlement of the Kurdish-Turkish conflict, involving the ability to output the PKK fighters from Turkey in August 2013. Beginning of the withdrawal was timed to March 21 – the day of the celebration of the Kurdish New Year. This offer, according to unconfirmed reports, does not contain the requirement to recognize Kurdish autonomy.
However, the offer demands a constitutionally recognition of the national identity of the Kurds and the Kurdish minority and to give more powers to the local government level. Copies were sent
According to rough estimates, there are about two thousand supporters of the PKK. Thousands more are based on contiguous territory in northern Iraq. RPC stands for autonomy for the Kurds (in Turkey they are about 15 million people). Since 1984, armed clashes with government forces are on. A.Odzhalan is imprisoned on the island of Imrali since 1999.
He offered negotiations in October 2012 to that he wanted to end and resolve the conflict, which began in 1984.