Kishu Inu hired SoftBank Singapore as their Consultants and the price goes up by 30%

Kishu Inu Coin Hired SoftBank Singapore


Yes, everyone is talking about the recently listed Kisu coin because of their marketing Gimmick which took its price cap by storm. Kishu coin was the first coin to actually do some sort of tangible marketing by buying out billboards in NYC Square and advertise in Newyork. Now everyone is talking about Kishu Coin Prediction so let’s get into little technical details.

So, this is the season of cryptocurrency and everyone is getting to the Crypto market especially because of the meme coins. Yes, you heard it right, meme coins are making people rich because their prices skyrocket within hours. There has been a lot of chatter about the new coin Kishu in which is yet to be listed on exchanges but you could buy them in form of tokens from Uniswap using the Etherium network. There has been a huge debate going on about how to buy Kishu Inu before its Ad goes up on Newyork Square since ETH gas prices are extremely high due to the recent buying/selling of Doge and Shiba Inu coin during the last 48 hours. Everyone wants to get hold of this hyped coin Kishu but ETH fees are holding everyone back. But the good news is that you can Buy Kishu Inu with USDT coin easily. All you have to do is to log onto Binance and buy USDT, after you have bought them, you have to transfer them to BIKI exchange. Biki Exchange is offering Kishu/USDT pair to buy Kishu coin easily. Right now BIKI is the first exchange to List Kishu coin and soon this coin will be listed on every exchange. The token has already picked up the price increase bracket of 1000% in last 30 days so the price projection is lucrative but do keep in mind that this might wont be a long term coin to hold onto.

We are happy to see that for the first time some crypto has done ATL marketing and so we can say that crypto shit Is getting real. Unlike the doge meme coin, Kishu Inu have some solid plans as per their whitepaper and it could mean real business since Kishu Inu has also hired SoftBank Singapore as their consultant which is again a step ahead in the crypto market.


Right after the news broke out on the internet, the Kishu Inu coin jumped by 40% after a dip that was due to a market crash on weekend. Those who entered Kishu in April are reaping 1000% profit. This coin has invested into the market in terms of planning and marketing so we think that this coin has huge potential. So if you are still thinking that you might be late into the game, we would say it’s never too late but do your brown due diligence before investing in any crypto coin.


Price Prediction of Kishu Inu coin

Right now the price of Kishu Inu coin is 0.000000013 and its is expected to increase by 400% in the coming week depend upon the overall market situation. Its should be worth mentioning that Kishu inu touched 0.000000020 when it was listed on small exchanges a few days ago.


You can directly buy Kishu Inu with USDT on Bitrue

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