Kirill Shevchenko appointed as new Head of National Bank of Ukraine

Monitoring Desk: Ukrainian Parliament has appointed Kirill Shevchenko as Head of the National Bank of Ukraine (State Bank) on Thursday.


332 deputies voted for the adoption of Resolution №3387 with the minimum required 226, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

President Volodymyr Zelensky proposed the Rada (Parliament) to appoint Kirill Shevchenko as chairman of the NBU.

Meanwhile, the National Bank is transferring employees to employment contracts so that the new chairman cannot dismiss them.

President Zelensky sends name of Kirill Shevchenko to Parliament as new Head of National Bank of Ukraine
Kirill Shevchenko

Born in 1972, Kirill Shevchenko graduated from Kharkov State University of Economics with a degree in economics.

He had worked at several senior positions in previously including in the sector of deposit operations, credit department, acting Head of the credit department for the attraction of credit resources of the Closed Joint-Stock Company Ukrainian Credit Bank.
He was also a leading economist in the credit resources sector of the credit department of Aval Joint-Stock Postal Pension Bank.
He also worked as head of the regulatory department, deputy head of the active-passive operations department, deputy chairman of the board, first deputy chairman of the board of Finance and Credit Bank.
He had been also the Chairman of the Board of the State Mortgage Institution.

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