King Khan and Akshay Kumar’s war on small screen

MUMBAI: The cold war between the two superstars Akshay Kumar and Shahrukh Khan is nowhere close to an end. In fact, it just got worse on the sets of a reality dance show.
A little birdie tells us that Akshay Kumar got upset during the final episode of a TV dance reality show, when a dance group danced to the tunes of a song from Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express! Akki was on the show to promote his film, Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara (OUATIMD) and he lost his cool when SRK’s song was played. It irked the Khiladi to an extent that he blasted everyone on the sets.
This isn’t the first time that Akki and SRK have been pitted against each other. Earlier this year, Akshay and his OUATIMD team were royally snubbed at an IPL match, where they had gone for movie promotions. If rumors are to be believed, King Khan had specially told TV channels telecasting the match to focus on the match and not Akshay and his team.
Considering the earlier incident, we wonder if SRK had a role in his song being played on a show where Akki had gone for promoting OUATIMD. Done and gone, the fact is that SRK’s Chennai Express is way ahead of Akshay’s OUATIMD. So we think that Akki should’ve just sat back and enjoyed his rival’s music instead of creating a hullabaloo for nothing.