The Voice of Taliban —Killings and kidnappings of polio workers are justified. Learn from the fate of FC soldiers

The Voice of Taliban —Killings and kidnappings of polio workers are justified. Learn from the fate of FC soldiers

Followings are viewpoints of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) supported elements and we are sharing their viewpoint with our readers. This viewpoint indicates that since Taliban have given their verdicts on certain issues related with religious matters then everybody must obey and state of Pakistan must not try to promote anything against the decisions and verdicts of Taliban if state of Pakistan is serious for peace talks.  Taliban supporters warn people of Pakistan that they should learn from incident of killing of FC soldiers who were in the captivity of Taliban since 2010 and state of Pakistan was failed to release them from Taliban and th final decision about the fate of FC soldiers were decided and announced by Taliban—those are real force in the state.

The Voice of Taliban is as follow

Killings and kidnappings of polio workers by Taliban groups are justified because they are threatening the writ of Taliban and continue to provide polio drops to children against the decision of Taliban shura. Taliban at the point of time cannot allow any individual person, group, institution or organization to defy their law and order because after a long war they have been accepted as a parallel state by Pakistani authorities and media. Taliban have been informing people that polio immunization campaigns are against religion and must be stopped without delay.

Taliban since long time have decided that polio campaign is un-Islamic and must be stopped and ordered everybody for wrath of Taliban if she or he will continue to try to provide polio vaccination drops to children. After this clear instruction and law, there is no justification to try to continue this practices by workers of state of Pakistan because right now nobody knows what is status of the future of state of Pakistan and Taliban have successfully capture strategic civil areas of the country where they have their parallel government.

It is not fair that government is negotiating peace talks with Taliban but continue its polio campaign against the will of Taliban and even after instruction of Taliban to stop this campaign immediately. This is not fair that government is talking about peace and deal with Taliban but not following the decision of Taliban and contesting the writ of Taliban. Such behavior of government is not acceptable and allowed therefore Taliban will keep killing and abducting polio team workers.

A messages to polio team workers— You must understand that current system and state of Pakistan cannot save you from Taliban attacks therefore you must follow their instructions and leave your work immediately.



The Voice of Taliban

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