Khalistan Referendum: History has been made in Canada

OpinionKhalistan Referendum: History has been made in Canada

By Faheem Haider

History has been made regarding the Khalistan Referendum in Canada, 100,000 Sikhs cast their votes in the Khalistan Referendum.


Sikh activists have expressed gratitude for the extraordinary turnout of Sikhs in the referendum, with Sikhs who voted demanding that Shimla be the capital of independent Khalistan.

It should be noted that the participants who participated in the referendum said that the results of the referendum will make it clear to the world that the Sikhs want freedom, Indian Punjab will soon emerge on the map of the world as an independent country, India will force the Sikhs to freedom but cannot deprive the right.

India had to face a major safari failure when all the efforts of India to stop the Khalistan referendum failed and the referendum started. The Canadian government said that the Khalistan referendum cannot be stopped, people are allowed to express themselves freely.

The Canadian government said that the Khalistan referendum is a legal and democratic right of the Sikhs. In Canada, everyone can exercise their democratic rights within the framework of the law.

After the political tension due to the referendum in Canada, the angry people vandalized a temple on which the Indian government demanded action from Canada.

It should be noted that a referendum is going to be held in Canada today to demand independence from India and a separate homeland for Sikhs.

The participants of the referendum demanded that India stop human rights violations. Meanwhile, Canadian Member of Parliament Dean Allison described the significant number of Sikhs voting as surprising. Counsel General Sikhs for Justice Gurpatwant Singh Pannu said that the voting in Canada has broken the London record as well. The Sikhs have proved that they will not accept anything less than freedom.

It should be noted that the majority of the 300 volunteers who assisted in the referendum were born in Canada. Canada is home to one million Sikhs, the majority of whom support an independent Khalistan. Despite Indian efforts, Canada refused to stop the referendum, while the issue of Khalistan has also created tension in the relationship between the governments of Canada and India.

It should be noted that October 31 is the day when the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was killed by her Sikh bodyguards in 1984. Holi was played with the blood of innocent children. Undoubtedly, the Sikh nation got a new determination, new desire and courage from the genocide that happened on October 31, 1984.

Sikhs living in Western countries are free from the Indian government’s handiwork. That is why they are campaigning very openly and with great enthusiasm and are not only giving political and moral support to the Khalistan Movement but also providing reasonable funding. Which gave the movement a lot of strength and it received special attention worldwide. As far as the Khalistan movement is concerned, in the eyes of Indian extremist Hindus and the media, it is more dangerous for India than the movement of Jammu and Kashmir and a fragment of India can lead to a role in doing.

Although this movement is currently being run by the organization “Sikhs for Justice”, it is an old movement. To arrest the leading leader of this movement, Jarnail Singh Bhandranwala, who was sheltering in the Golden Temple, Indira Gandhi attacked the Golden Temple in the name of Operation Blue Star. In this operation from June 3 to June 6, more than one and a half thousand Sikhs were killed, while the Golden Temple and the Akali Takht were also damaged. Punjab was the richest state in India. Whose land used to grow gold?

In 1966, Punjab was partitioned after an erroneous census and the new states of Himachal Pradesh and Haryana were created. The purpose of this partition was to limit the political and economic role of the Sikhs. The Sikhs were very angry at this decision, but no one liked to listen to them. Due to this cruelty and exploitation, the slogan of Khalistan began to appear in public, and then in 1969, Sardar Jagjit Singh, the former finance minister of the United Indian Punjab. Chauhan proclaimed the independent state of Khalistan and founded the Khalistan movement.

Khalistan is a Sikh movement that is trying to create an independent homeland for Sikhs by establishing an independent state in Indian Punjab. The movement gained momentum as a result of systematic discrimination against Sikhs in India and the Sikhs would not sit down from China until they got a separate homeland, Khalistan. In fact, the struggle of Sikhs against India is actually a war against the supremacy of Hindutva. Sikhs are brave people and they will not allow Modi’s hegemonic ambitions to succeed. On the other hand, the Indian security establishment is very worried because the Sikhs around the world are getting keen interest in the concept of Khalistan.


Note: The above article was organically published by the Asian Peace Research Organization.

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