KFC Scam Alert – Don’t Fall for Women’s Day Family Feast Bucket Deal

KFC scam alert! Don't fall for the family bucket trap.

It looks like scammers are taking full advantage of Women’s Day this year. You may have received several scam messages on your WhatsApp in the past couple of days. The message displays an offer that you may not be able to resist. Once you click to open it, it may ask you to follow a few steps and lead nowhere. However, by opening the link, you may also receive some harmful website data that can harm your phone’s privacy. KFC scam alert is for those who are looking for family dinner options on Women’s Day.


KFC Scam Alert

KFC Scam Alert

If you receive any WhatsApp message showing a “Free Family Feast Bucket” deal for Women’s Day, do not fall for the trap. It is pretty much the same thing that we have discussed in the above paragraph.

Spread the word around as well. The KFC scam alert is to make the KFC fans aware that this is not an official activity. The message may lead you to another URL and ask for your personal details. Such scams can not only waste your time but also violate your data privacy.


How Does it Happen?

Following the link takes you to the browser and opens a webpage with a couple of options to choose from. Once you open any of the options, you will be prompted to share it until the progress bar is fully green. Around 10 times you click the WhatsApp button and you can click the “continue” button.

KFC Scam Alert

The last step will lead you to click the link where you will end up on a dead-end with nothing but hidden files that can harm your device’s software potentially.

Don’t forget to share this information with your friends and family to save them the trouble.

Did you receive any scam messages on Women’s Day? Share your feedback with us in the comments section below.


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