Kashmir Martyrs’ Day is being observed today all over the world including Pakistan


Islamabad, Pakistan: Kashmir Martyrs’ Day Day is being observed today all over the world including Pakistan.

July 13 is observed to remember 22 Kashmiri martyrs who were brutally shot dead on 13 July 1931 in their attempts to complete the call for prayer outside the Srinagar jail.

Kashmir Martyrs’ Day
This day is remembered and observed as Kashmir Martyrs’ Day because it was the beginning of Kashmir’s freedom struggle

Kashmiris living on both sides of the Line of Control, as well as the rest of the world, observe the Kashmir Martyrs Day with a pledge to continue their struggle for the achievement of their birthright to self-determination and freedom of Kashmir from the Indian yoke.

“Words are not enough and the world needs to take actions to protect Kashmiris from constant genocide,” said President of Azad and Jammu Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan in his message on Kashmir Martyrs’ Day.


Kashmir Martyrs Day is reminiscent of the utmost price paid for freedom by brave Kashmiris. Every single drop of bloodshed, shall not be forgotten nor forgiven. Decades of Indian atrocities failed to suppress insurmountable spirit and legitimate freedom struggle.

Observing the Kashmir Martyrs’ Day in July every year is like earnestly and repeatedly knocking at the conscience of the world human rights bodies to make them realize that practice human slavery still persists in its worst form in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.

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