Kashmir Bleeds— Systematic abuse continues in Valley

DND Thought CenterKashmir Bleeds--- Systematic abuse continues in Valley

By Shazia Anwer Cheema

There is nothing crueler than the feeling of being left alone, the moment idea of being abandoned by others, prevails inside the brain the entire cognitive structure automatically switch on to fear mode and the concept of hopelessness over-shadows the entire personality.


In a few individual cases, it is understandable however what if the entire population is going through the same trauma. Each and every member of society feels that there is no hope, they are being left alone and circumstances are never going to be changed for them.

Highly intelligent and systematic abuse to numb the entire population for the purpose of successful oppression is in progress in occupied Kashmir. Kashmiris are deliberately being cut off from the world, to present suppression as cooperation.

Oppressors are pampering themselves with the thought that barring the whole society and disconnecting any possible way of communication is a successful strategic plan and now they are waiting to see the result of this experiment and thinking wishfully that now in Kashmir, the havoc of being abandoned by the civil societies of the world will trigger the same mechanism used in the slave trade times, crush every hope, no outer interaction and continuous physical and psychological abuse, an ancient recipe for enslaving mind and body will eventually work.

Strangely this is not the same area, slavery has been banned long ago, human right is not a novice concept, and freedom of speech is a trendy thing. The point to consider is; if an oppressor chooses or desired to enslave an entire population how come they reach to the manifestation of this vicious desire, is unstoppable, above international law or simply nobody cares to do anything to stop him.

I am never convinced with the idea of mankind being insensitive on this magnitude, this specific portrayal has been engineered by the oppressors to desensitize the Kasmiries, the very idea that their screams are not audible their pain is not contagious enough to effect the outer world is all part of a cynical plan being executed in occupied Kashmir. In reality, there are people, trying to reach them, console them, hymning the chants that they have not been abandon, that they have not being betrayed by fellow humans, but the devilish attempt to refrain the two-way communication is ultimately putting the Kashmir in the painful situation of being left alone.

Local print and national electronic media of India, hence they are forced to print what has been told to, however, that’s not the mechanism of this world, pain, misery, screaming, and veiling has its own fiber optical, it does reach out and get received also, in cognitive sciences this mechanism is called mirror neuron phenomena.

The human nervous system is capable of replicating the emotion just by observing, and the ability to experience a similar emotion solely by observation is a unique human capacity. Kashmir is not alone there are millions of empathetic minds worrying for them, feeling their pain, sharing their loss, listening to their screams for help.

History is the best teacher and replete with lessons of how much one can be suppressed and at what level oppression get reversed, apparently, India is not learning from history and continuous denial mode will eventually lead her to ultimate destruction, remember Kashmir is not alone beside the fact nothing has been done for Kashmir so far especially by harbingers of peace, none the less civic minds are agitated by the sheer enslavement of Kashmiri people.

International media besides all the restrictions, continuously trying to reach out to Kashmir and facts are getting out, and the facts are painful enough for the nations having decisive power to decide to act. Genocide of Kashmiri people has to stop otherwise we will all witness yet another chapter of human destruction by human. India’s stubbornness to weaver all diplomatic efforts to resolve the issue leave no choice but to act stiffly. The powerful countries must intervene and rescue Kashmir from mass killing by India.

Whatever information is being smuggled out of Kashmir is way more alarming as expected, women and being repeatedly raped, elderly and kids are either dying with hunger or sickness, unlimited curfew has made the life stoned, unavailability of food and medicine and inaccessibility to seek the help of any sort has psychologically paralyzed the entire population. No internet, radio, TV and newspaper from outside the occupied Kashmir could reach them, the static state of fear and pain has prevailed deep inside the Kashmiri people.

The number of young men detained in inhuman conditions is heart retching, youngster either getting killed or rotting in detention centers by Indian occupied forces. What about their right of freedom, right of being alive, right of getting medical help, right of appealing in court, right of self-respect and dignity?

Are these mare term not applicable in Kashmir what about all those always ready to rescue or claim to rescue the men and women in the atrocity, do they consider Kashmir’s situation not dire enough to speak plainly and loudly in favor of Occupied Kashmir.

The beautiful valley of Kashmir and the innocent blood flowing in the streams is the height of irony. Beautiful faces stained with the brutality, emotionless green eyes staring irrelevantly, as the damage has been done, love has been lost, hunger and sickness has prevailed, cold nights have been lost their feel, and sunny mornings have been detached long ago from hope.

Heart-wrenching blank faces have one brutal question for us all, that why they have been left alone? It is our solemn duty to stand by with Kashmir in solidarity to revoke their hope in civil society, it is our first most concern to reach to them, listen to them with the assurance that their voices will echo in the power corridors, that their lives matters, their rights will be restored thus they are not alone no matter what. It is the immense demand of the deteriorated situation of Kashmir that we should all raise our voices in chorus “we are here, we are there, we are everywhere”. Let’s make sure no media restriction can stop us to reach them, let’s perform our basic duty of being empathetic as humankind.

Note: The writer Shazia Cheema is an analyst writing for national and international media outlets. She heads the DND Thought Center. She did her MA in Cognitive Semiotics from Aarhus University Denmark and is currently registered as a Ph.D. Scholar of Semiotics and Philosophy of Communication at Charles University Prague. She can be reached at her: Twitter @ShaziaAnwerCh  Email: shaziaanwer@yahoo.com

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