Kashees Salon Price List 2022 | Complete Package Details

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When it comes down to fashion statements, males and females leave no stone unturned in Impressing others. Pakistan is full of style enthusiasts. Whether you want to get a new look for a formal gathering, a wedding event, or a casual party, you can find some of the best salons all over the country to help you out. Karachi is the entertainment hub of Pakistan. It means that young boys and girls constantly feel the need to find good salons that can meet their expectations. Kahsees Salon has developed a positive reputation all over the city of lights. The expert crew can help you get a whole new look for your upcoming events. If you want to know the Kashees Salon price list 2022, we have all the information you need.

Kashees Salon In Karachi

It has been a while since Kashees Salon started offering its services to the residents of Karachi. The expert crew has received much praise for its fashion sense and familiarity with the latest fashion trends. If you want to know some of the popular Kashee Salon grooming packages, we have covered all the details to help you decide what you need.

Kashees Salon Price List 2022

You can find wedding and party makeover services and other grooming options at Kashees Salon. Let’s explore more details.

Kashees Salon Party Makeup Charges

For your understanding, we have mentioned all the important details about Kashees party makeup charges below.

Barat Event

  • Expert makeup services for PKR 24,000
  • Anum Aslam makeup services for PKR 26,000
  • Kashif Aslam makeup services for PKR 28,000

Kashees Salon Price List 2022

Please note that the above charges for party makeup at Kashees Salon do not cover the service charges. You can add PKR 2000 to each service to cover the total makeup cost.

Walima Event

The makeup charges for Walima and Barat events are the same. However, you may have to pay additional costs if you want extra services from the salon.

  • Expert makeup charges – PKR 24,000
  • Anum Aslam makeup charges – PKR 26,000
  • Kashif Aslam makeup charges – PKR 28,000

What Are the Charges for Girls’ Party Makeup?

Girls often like to arrange casual parties with their friends and colleagues. One of the greatest challenges at such events is to get the best party makeup. If you have faced problems finding the best girls’ party makeup options across Karachi, we have covered the Kashees Salon package prices below.

  • Junior Experts will charge PKR 8,000 without hairstyling (PKR 10,000 with hairstyle)
  • Anum Aslam and other senior experts will charge PKR 18,000
  • Kashif Aslam will charge PKR 19,000 for the girls’ party makeup

Mehndi Event

If you want to get a new look for your upcoming Mehndi event, you may have to contact Kashees Salon to find out about the exact prices. The Mehndi event makeup prices vary in most cases.

We hope you liked learning about the Kashees Salon price list 2022 as mentioned above. For more information, feel free to reach out to the official salon website or contact number.

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