Karachi Airport attacked by Taliban, reached runway who looked like Pushtuns. Around 2000 security persons fighting with 7 left terrorists as 5 already dead

Zainul Abdeen reporting from Outside Karachi airport. Agha Iqrar haroon and Matiullah Khan reporting from Islamabad. 



Chief Minister Sindh confirmed 15 terrorists attacked 7 killed and rest security agencies trying to find 

Karachi Airport will remain closed for all type of traffic till indefinite period, sources

Hospital sources confirmed 17 dead with 5 terrorists. 13 persons critical 

Around 2000 security persons fighting with 7 left terrorists as 5 already dead.

Security agencies claim 90% runway area has been cleared from terrorists.

More forces entered entered from old airport gate.

More forces  entered from old airport gate. Massive blast heard again when forcing were entering. Massive firing started again 

New twist in story some govt agencies claim terrorists were using Indian weapons 

Government and security agencies asked Media to stop coverage and leave the spot

20 airport staffer and security persons seriously injured moved to hospital 

Karachi airport completely empty from staff or any person except terrorists and security agencies 

9 security persons confirmed killed.


Almost all fuel tanks blown. Terrorists wearing suicide jackets  

Breaking News One aircraft blown up by terrorists unconfirmed sources

Massive blast heard. possible aircraft blown up. Police sources claim 15 terrorists not 12

Government of Pakistan claims no aircraft has been hijacked and no aircraft has been damaged.

Tehrik-i-taliban Pakistan (TTP) successfully reached their targets

Terrorists start attack from third position ambushing security from from different positions 

10 Armoured vehicles entered runway–one armoured vehicle blown up by suicide bomber

Looks very successful attack of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Three sides attack on airport

Pakistan Army reacts sharply over live coverage of this event. Suggest media not to do live coverage as it can help terrorists to get information about positions of security forces. Maj General Asim Bajwa Chief of Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR) twitter says:


Pakistan Army reached the spot

Karachi Airport under attack

Terrorists blown up fuel tankers

Terrorists attacked from two spots now- Isfahani Gate is also attacked

Aircrafts are also attacked by terrorists.

Worst Ever attack on any airport in the world–says experts

Karachi Airport under attack as Taliban reached runway. 5 killed including 2 terrorists. 10 terrorists still on runway who look like Pushtuns. Terrorists can hijack aircrafts standing on runway

Karachi: Karachi Airport under attack. At least 12 Taliban have attacked Karachi airport and reached runway after breaching security and firing is still continued. According to latest reports, two terrorists have been killed while three personnel from the Airport Security Force (ASF) and one each from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have been killed following an armed attack at the Karachi airport. Lights of airport from inside and outside have been shutdown.

There are fears Taliban are close to one aircraft and can hijack if they succeed to kill think security staff.

According to eyewitnesses claim, a high roof came at small gate close to custom clearing gate full of terrorists who looked like pashtuns and staff on the duty was also Pushtun and there are fears that terrorists were given access inside airport by the staff on duty.

The militants launched grenades and opened fire as they entered the building. Two of the terrorists have reportedly been killed.

At least three blasts were heard, and an airport emergency has been declared, with flight operations suspended, reported the local Karachi Post.

According to initial reports, four armed attackers hurled grenades and opened fire as they entered the tarmac from fokker gate. This led to an exchange of fire between ASF personnel and the gunmen. As a result, two terrorists were killed while five ASF personnel also lost their lives.




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