Jimmy Engineer lists mural of “Javid Namah” as one of his major artistic achievement

Lahore, Pakistan: World- renowned Pakistani artist, Jimmy Engineer has listed big mural of “Javid Namah” , Persian poetic collection of great poet and thinker Allama Mohammad Iqbal.

While talking to Dispatch News Desk (DND) news agency, Jimmy Engineer said that historical series of  huge Pakistan Movement paintings have also given him immense fame , reputation and appreciation within Pakistan as well as around the world and he is genuinely proud of his these major artistic achievements.

He said that he had completed huge 10×15 feet sized mural on Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s Persian poetic collection “Javid Namah”  on a wall of bungalow of  Dr Javid Iqbal ,  located on Main Boulevard in Gulberg, Lahore. He had started working on the mural in 1981 and completed in one year in 1982.

About creation of Pakistan Movement series of paintings , he said that it is quite interesting that he was able to create number of  such huge paintings about Muslims migration to their new homeland in on partition in 1947 merely through his imagination and bad dreams about bloodshed and violence reflecting the sufferings of Muslim men, women ad children though he himself was born in 1954 , seven years after Pakistan had come into existence.

He said each of these huge paintings carry price tag of more than Rs one million in the international market and transportation of original paintings for display anywhere abroad involves lot of risk of safety. He said wherever he has been displaying his creative art across the world in USA, Germany, Canada, Thailand and elsewhere, he has been putting ptints of these paintings on display along with his other creative work to the great appreciation of everyone.