Jimmy Engineer creative art work on display at Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts

Creative art work of Pakistan’s internationally renowned artist Jimmy Engineer is on display at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman, and is being visited by good number of artists, art lovers and people from different walks of life daily.

On display in the solo exhibition appropriately titled “Lines that talk” are Jimmy Engineer’s as many as 77 original drawings drawn with a black pencil on black canvases and prints of selected 24 paintings.

The simplicity of the material used in creation of the art work amply depicts the spirit which he has embraced throughout his life

According to the reports reaching here from Amman, solo art exhibition of Jimmy Engineer got underway from October 29 under the patronage of HRH Princess Sarvath El Hassan under the  auspices of the Royal Society of Fine Arts and is  scheduled to continue for almost  a month till November 25.

The drawings, which Jimmy Engineer has drawn during his stay in Amman especially for the solo exhibition portray daily scenes of life of the poorest of communities in Pakistani villages conveying a strong emotional message of simplicity—two brothers playing, a mother caring for her child, a group of labourers resting on a mat are some of the scenes which Jimmy has depicted through his drawings which are on display.

Talking to the media people on the occasion, Jimmy Engineer said “My country is my top priority and I want to give back because I am thankful. I help people for the sake of my soul and I want to encourage people to give without a motive, do it and forget, do not make your givings something to be talked about”.

Board Member of the Royal Society of fine Arts Reem Badran while talking about the art work displayed in the solo exhibition said that Jimmy Engineer’s work represents his deep engagement with his society and his commitment to defend and respect humanity, he has the passion to bring cultures closer, his love to give endlessly to the poor, to the needy and to the world.

Jimmy Engineer perhaps is the first Pakistani artist whose creative art work is being displayed at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts in Amman these days.

Jimmy Engineer has been to different world capitals during last six months or so during which he addressed gatherings here and there talking about his art work and highlighting soft, moderate, positive and peace loving living image of Pakistan and its people, spent sometime with his elderly parents and daughter Anoushey in Houston, USA, before reaching Amman last month for his solo art show.