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Jazz WiFi Device – Everything You Need To Know

Life is incomplete without the internet in the present era and if you have a poor Wi-Fi connection at home, nothing can be worse than that. When you are all tired of your daily hectic routine and want to spend some time relaxing in a cozy corner of your home while watching good movies on the list, well… this is a great fun package if you have a good internet device like a jazz wifi device.


Moreover, usually, the freelancers have to go through great trouble every time their internet fails to provide an efficient speed, thus breaking the flow of the work. It is absolutely not acceptable in any case. So after reviewing different options for Wi-Fi connection with respect to the performance, we got to know about Jazz WiFI device which is serving the users amazingly without any disruption of connection. Here is all that you need to know about the Jazz WiFi device and its packages.

Jazz Wifi Device Packages

jazz wifi device

Jazz, the leading telecom company with a huge number of subscribers in Pakistan, struggles to provide the best services to the customers in order to make them stay in touch with their loved ones. That’s the reason Jazz is also offering affordable Wi-Fi & Mi-Fi 4G devices internet packages. The details are as follows:



If you buy 60GB of RS.1500/ then you will get 3GB extra data for your mobile and if you buy 150GB of Rs.2500 then you will get 7GB data for mobile with Bundle Plus Offer. However, terms & conditions may also apply.

You can pick the internet bundle of your choice and subscribe to it by following the mentioned process at affordable rates and as per your usage requirement. There are basically a total of 6 packages at different prices and time duration for the usage.

  • The basic package offers 30 GB in only Rs. 999 for 30 days (15 GB usable from 1 am to 9 pm).
  • The regular package offers 60 GB in Rs. 1500 for 30 days (30 GB usable from 1 am to 9 am).
  • The mega package offers 100 GB for 30 days in Rs. 2000 (50 GB usable from 1 am to 9 am).
  • The heavy package offers 150 GB for 30 days in Rs. 2500 (75 GB usable from 1 am to 9 am).
  • The 3 months bundle offers 36 GB for 90 days in Rs. 4000.
  • The 6 months bundle offers 75 GB for 180 days in Rs. 10,000.

How to Buy?

In order to buy a Jazz Wi-Fi device, all you need to do is simply go to the nearest Jazz point or retailers, go through biometric verification, and choose the bundle of your choice. For bundle subscription, you have to go to the nearest Jazz retailer or simply dial *6363# from your device or Jazz other contact numbers. You can also subscribe to one of the jazz call packages as well.

Recharging & Bundle Subscription

You can recharge your MBB number by following these steps:

  • Get Jazz load from the retailer, give MBB no
  • Recharge MBB from Jazz Cash Mobile Account
  • Use scratch card
  • connect to device Wi-Fi and go to the device portal http://jazz.wifi/
  • connect to device Wi-Fi and use Jazz Wi-Fi app
  • Dial *6363# from registered MBB another contact number

Subscription or Change of Bundle

  • Connect to your Jazz MBB device via Wi-Fi
  • log on to device portal http://jazz.wifi/
  • Dial USSD *6363#
  • Call Jazz helpline 111
  • Visit the nearest Jazz retailer
  • Dial *6363# from registered your Jazz another contact number


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