Jazz Weekly Call Packages 2022- A Complete List

Jazz weekly call packages 2022

Jazz is the largest network in Pakistan. Jazz has more than 12,500 active cell sites in the country, with more than 25,000 km of fiber optic cables laid. Jazz has so far invested over US 9.9 billion in Pakistan. There are still thousands of people who use Jazz services to call rather than internet or SMS communication. If you are a person who needs frequent calls daily, then you should know about Jazz weekly call packages. Jazz has several call packages that you can choose from. So, here is a list of Jazz Weekly Call Packages 2022. 

Jazz Weekly Call Packages 2022 Prepaid

Jazz weekly call packages 2022


Here is a complete description of other benefits of Jazz Weekly Call Packages. However, users have only a few options to choose from. 

Jazz Weekly Hybrid Offer

  • In Rs.115 Inc. Tax you can subscribe to the offer. But the required recharge is 130Rs.
  • Then you can get 1000 Free On-Net Minutes Off-Net 20 Minutes 1000 SMS 500MB Internet
  • Dial *407# to subscription for un-Subscription dial *407*4# to check the status of package dial *407*2# and for more Info dial *407*3# 

Jazz Weekly All Network Offer

  • You can subscribe to this offer at Rs. 170 (Incl. tax) but recharge required is 199Rs 
  • Now you can get 1000 Free On-Net Minutes 60 Off-Net Minutes 2000MB Internet +1000SMS
  • The offer will be valid for days. 
  • To active this offer dial *700# to check status dial *700*2# and to Un-Subscribe the offer dial *700*4# 

Super-Duper Weekly Offer

  • The recharge required is Rs.224 but you can get this offer at Rs. 210 (Incl. tax)
  • Now you have 1500 Free On-Net Minutes 60 Off-Net Minutes 1500 SMS 3000MB Internet
  • Validity duration is Days. 
  • Dial *770# if you want to subscribe to the offer, for status update just dial *770*2# to get bundle information dial *770*3#

Jazz Weekly Super Plus

  • First, you have to dial*505# for status updates dial *595*2#
  • After this, you get 5000 Free On-Net Minutes 70 Off-Net Minutes 5000 SMS 12GB Internet (6GB 2 AM – 2 PM)
  •  In just Rs.259 (Incl. tax) but the recharge required is Rs.285.
  • The offer will be valid only for 7days.

Jazz Work from Home Bundle

  • You can subscribe to this amazing offer for just rupees 95 (Incl. Tax)
  • So now you can get 10GB Data and Unlimited jazz mins (8 AM – 6 PM)
  • The validity of this offer will also be 7 days.
  • For the activation of this, offer you have to dial *117*14# 

Jazz Weekly Super Max

  • In Rs. 299 (Incl. Tax) you can easily get subscribed to this offer, but recharge requirements are Rs.337.
  • After subscription, you have 30GB Data — 10GBs +10GBs (2AM-2PM) + 10GBs Youtube 6000 Jazz mins 60 Other Network 6000 SMS
  • Validity will be only for 7 days.

So these were the most famous and most widely used Jazz weekly call packages 2022.

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