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Jazz Postpaid Call Packages


We know that different mobile phone connections offer different packages and deals as per the requirement of the user so that they can pick up the best suitable option from a wide range of variety offered by mobile connection companies. Some are better convenient with prepaid service while others tend to go with a post-paid sim. Both services are designed in a way to serve the users in the best possible way as per the need.

Usually, the ones who have extra usage of mobile phones at work as well as for domestic use, opt for post-paid connection while the rest go with prepaid options. If you are a businessman or hired in a company on such a position that you need to stay in touch all day long with a number of individuals and don’t have enough time to get your sim recharged first to stay in touch, don’t worry as post-paid option is made for you.

It provides you the facility of calling or sending SMS and even using the internet all day long with ease to pay the bill just like that of your landline bill at the end of the month according to the usage. However, mostly it happens while using a post-paid connection that the bill you receive at the end of the month turns out to be burdensome in your pocket as the calls are expensive. So in that case, there is a solution.

Like that of the prepaid connection packages, it has also a good range of jazz postpaid call packages to make it easy for you to save a good amount while paying the bill at the end of the month. Here are the details for some valuable jazz postpaid call packages.

jazz postpaid call packages

If your usage is extra for all day long at work, then the first option i.e. J 1500 call package is best to go with. It is available for you to subscribe in only Rs.1500 per month and the bundle includes unlimited Jazz + Warid minutes, 500 other network minutes, and many more than you can expect. You can also subscribe to other packages i.e. J 999, J 600, and J 300 as per your requirement and suitability.

Jazz also provides you new jazz call packages all over Pakistan. So, subscribe to these offers and be a part of the biggest network of Pakistan.



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