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Jazz – Seamlessly Connecting Pakistan During Corona Virus Crisis


Jazz has been awarded the best 4G network in Pakistan by Pakistan Telecommunication Network, and the choice could not have been better. It is not only the largest but one of the most trusted networks and data service providers in the country. More than that, people trust Jazz and its reliability has been the staple since the very beginning. Now to facilitated its customers, jazz has introduced new jazz packages during the corona pandemic.

Jazz During The COVID – 19 Virus Crisis

The times are hard, there is no doubt in that. People have been struggling to reach each other, constantly staying in touch while staying at home. The frequency of people calling each other, talking to each other on WhatsApp, and video calling on Facebook Messenger have gone up in recent times. This also means that the networks are busy because, now more than ever, more people are using their SIMs to connect and use their 4G packages.

With over 59 million users in Pakistan, Jazz has proven that no matter what its stability in terms of network and data provision will always be at the forefront. Some users of various other networks have been issuing complaints, while Jazz has stool solid during these hard times for its consumers. The network has been helping people get in touch with each other while having to go out of home seamlessly.

Jazz’s Efforts During The Corona Pandemic

The network should be appreciated for the efforts it has been putting in during this crisis. The telecommunication network is not only looking after its employees, ensuring that they are safe, but it is also making sure no customer goes unturned when it comes to customer service or there are no lags in the provision of the network or 4G connection.

It is the need of the time that people are connected because of the crisis especially those who have an emergency. Hence, the efforts of Jazz should be appreciated for effortlessly connecting people without any issues while keeping its employees uber safe during this pandemic.

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