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Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

My husband is an Army Officer and he has been serving for more than 8 years with pride. All of the wives of Army Officers would be having a better idea about how much it is difficult to send away your husband with a big heart at the border to save the country while sacrificing everything. I am although a strong wife of a strong Army Officer but no one can bear to stay apart from the loved ones.


We spend most of the time while staying in touch through social media or with video calls. I keep my children to stay in touch with their father whenever he is not around them so I make sure to get them interacted via video calls. For this purpose, one should have an uninterrupted internet service so that the video calls can be made clearer in terms of picture quality as well as that of voice quality.

I have switched so many mobile phone connections to get a satisfactory internet service but I want to give credit to Jazz here as it is one of the most reliable internet service providers at present when it comes to data package usage. My husband and I, both are having Jazz Sim which makes it easy for us to interact with more perks in the packages.

The best thing is, Jazz internet packages offer a wide range of choices to subscribe as per the requirement of a user including daily, weekly, and monthly packages for the internet. However, it is more convenient in our case to opt for monthly packages as you don’t need to worry about subscribing it again every time. It then becomes a matter of every month so all easy!

We are so glad with our experience of using Jazz Monthly Internet Package as it has never troubled us while being on call and we can keep on talking for hours without any interruption. I would suggest all those wives like me who have been longing to stay in touch with their husbands serving for the nation on the borders to go with Jazz Monthly Internet Packages! Here are the details of the monthly offers.

jazz monthly internet packages

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