Javed Hashmi resigned from Parliament during Joint Session of the Parliament held in Islamabad

Javed Hashmi Resigned from Parliament
Javed Hashmi Resigned from Parliament

Breaking News: Javed Hashmi resigned from Parliament today during Joint Session. Hashmi claimed that he never and wont go against the respected Parliament and the constitution of Pakistan. He also complained that Prime Minister of Pakistan didn’t came to Parliament Sessions which are been held for last 14 months.

Javed Hashmi was President of PTI but due to the irrelevant actions of Imran Khan which is forcing the followers to go against the Constitution of Pakistan and follow Qadri blindly resulted in difference of opinion between Hashmi and Imran due to which Hashmi claimed Imran Khan blind follower of Qadri.

In today’s Joint Session of Parliament, opposition stated Azadi & Inqilab march as Lashkar and decided to stand by the Governing Party PMLN.

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