Jamia Hafsa Lal Masjid call for installing Caliphate by throwing out democracy

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The famous Lal Masjid and its affiliated Jamia Hafsa on Saturday asked religious scholars, students and other Muslims to join its quest to bring ‘Khalafat System’ in Pakistan as replacement of democracy, a political system they describe as a tool to impose ‘un-Islamic rules’ by infidels. 

In a statement issued in Urdu language on its Official Facebook Page, the religious seminary said that people must stand against such democracy that is banning religious groups in the country and must work for ‘Khalafat System’.

Jamia Hafsa Lal Masjid call for installing Caliphate by throwing out democracy

Calling the action of government for banning religious (extremist) groups as action of Kufr (infidelity), Official Facebook of Jamia Hafsa asked religious scholars, students and Muslims to stand against the government and stand with those Sarfaroosh (head-sellers, an expression in Urdu for those who are ready to render their lives for a cause), who are contesting the alleged un-Islamic actions of the government.

It said that the government would demolish mosques and religious places in future if people do not stand against the government today.

The statement came in response to a news that the incumbent government may impose a ban on entrance of people in educational institutions for preaching of Islam. However, the authenticity of the news was not verified yet.

However, authenticity of Official Facebook page is not confirmed till the filing of this report as there are two Official Pages of Lal Masjid are appearing.  One page where this message is posted is liked by 5,431 people and it has only official statements and no comments are posted by people and comments are controlled by admin of the page while another page is liked by 13, 700 people. However, posting adverse comments against Lal Masjid administration are allowed on page that is liked by 13,700 while the page with this message is a controlled page and there are only statements from Lal Masjid and no comments are allowed on messages posted by the admin of the page.

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It is not the first time when the religious seminary which is located in the Centre of the Federal Capital came into limelight for issuing rebellious statements against the government or prevailing political system in the country.

In November 2014, the Jamia Hafsa students in a video message declared their support for renowned terror outfit Islamic State (IS) and its Chief Abu Bakar al Baghdadi.

The Chief Cleric of Lal Masjid Maulana Abdul Aziz also publicly declared allegiance to Abu Bakar al Baghdadi, saying that though they had no direct link with the leadership of the IS but they wanted to promote the mission and message of the Iraqi and Syrian based organization.

Maulana Abdul Aziz on multiple occasions in the past invited fellow Muslims to join hands with him in replacing the ‘Khalafat System’ with democracy by launching a revolutionary movement.

In July 2007, then President and former military ruler Pervaiz Musharraf had to resort to launching an operation at the Lal Masjid and the adjacent Jamia Hafsa after the Islamic fundamentalists challenged the writ of the government and provoked the Muslims to rebel against the system.

Over a week-long operation ended with multiple casualties including the younger brother of Maulana Abdul Aziz, Maulana Abdul Rasheed. However, the Lal Majid Cleric continued to persuade people in his religious sermons for standing against the present system but yet the government remained reluctant to take any decisive action against him.


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