JAL The Band (Gohar Mumtaz) Releases Tu Qadam Berhaiy Ja on Peshawar Attack

JAL The Band (Gohar Mumtaz) Releases Tu Qadam Berhaiy Ja on Peshawar Attack

Jal The Band (Goher Mumtaz) – Tu Qadam Berhaiy Ja (Official Music Video)


Jal The Band Goher Mumtaz released “Tu Qadam Berhaiy Ja” Official Music Video in the memory of students who were killed in Peshawar Attack at APS. The incident is considered to be one of the most tragic incident in the history of Pakistan when teen age students were shot dead. More then 134 students lost their life in the tragic APS Peshawar Attack.

Jal The Band has released the official video of Tu Qadam Berhaiy Ja in the memory of APS. The lyrics are really touchy but on the same time they are telling about hope and to move on. Not only JAL THE BAND but other musicians have also released some songs in this regard

Talking about the Band Jal, Gohar Mumtaz has not been active in music scene since Farhan Saeed have left him. Jal The Band is now left with only Gohar Mumtaz because Aamir Sheraz (Bassist) also left the band but still on good terms with Gohar unlike Farhaan. But Jal the Band is still remembered by their breakthrough tracks like Rona Ni, Sajni, Adat etc

Saad Sultan has now joined Jal The Band as lead guitarist and Gohar on lead vocals, Ammir Azhar on Bass while Kenny on drums. We wish the band good luck on their new formation and wish them success ahead.


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