ISPR song on APS attack anniversary : Education fails to defeat terrorism

ISPR song on APS attack anniversary


ISPR song on APS attack anniversary

Islamabad, Pakistan: The ISPR song on APS attack anniversary is a message that education and literacy can fight against extremism and terrorism.

This is an old global narrative that better living standards and education can fight back terrorism but this narrative looks unimpressive and useless if one see global terrorism in 21 century.

We have seen that all culprits in historic terror attacks in 21 century were well educated, groomed in normal circumstances and belonged to well off families. A look on 9/11 tragedy designers shows that almost all terrorists who were allegedly involved in attack were engineers and well educated. The leadership of Al-qaeeda was comprised of doctors and engineers. Leadership of Daesh is also well educated from top universities and colleges of Middle East. Terrorists who recently conducted terrorism attacks in United States and Paris were also educated. Tashfeen Malik and Rizwan Farook were brought up in upper class of society and were well educated. Daesh is running one of the best hacking network and thousands of extremists from western world have joined Daesh in recent past.

Experts who follow terrorism trend believe that terrorism has nothing to do with education or social status rather it is a mindset and a school of thoughts.

Majority of suspect terrorists arrested in Pakistan in recent past were picked up from universities and colleges and were educated people.

Global terrorism is linked with a particular school of thought of Islam that believes in killing people on the name of religion.

The second part and Sequel of ISPR song Bara Dushman Bana Phirta Hai that is “Mujhay Dushman Ke Bachon Ko Parhana Hai” is a good attempt to tell people that terrorism can be defeated with education but actually this narrative has itself failed if someone sees terrorism trend all over the world.

You can not defeat global terrorism with education because global terrorists are well educated and experts in their fields including engineering, medicine and Information technology engineering. Global terrorism can only be defeated by promoting interfaith harmony, tolerance and the philosophy of co-existence.

Song is as follow

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