ISPR releases song on Pakistan Defence Day 2018. Humain Pyar Hai Pakistan Se

By Hina Haroon


Islamabad, Pakistan:  Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR) of Armed Forces of Pakistan has released long-awaited song of Defence Day on September 6, 2018 to laud sacrifices of martyrs (shaheed) who gave their lives to protect their motherland —Pakistan.

Lyrics of song Hamay pyar hai Pakistan se — Dil Jaan Say (We love Pakistan with our hearts and a soul) are written by Imran Raza while composer of song is Sahir Ali Bagga and singer is Atif Aslam who is a famous Pakistani singers working in several Indian films and singing songs for Indian film industry. Song has duration of 5 minutes and 4 seconds but ends without leaving a strong impression over listeners regarding 1965 War — the event which is now celebrated as Defence Day of Pakistan.

Several promos and teasers were released of Humain Pyar Hai Pakistan Se (Hamay pyar hai Pakistan se ) before September 6, 2018 but failed to capture attention of listeners and viewers although previous songs released by ISPR team had been blockbusters.

Song starts from shots of migration of 1947 when millions of Muslims were purged by Sikh and Hindus and trains full of blood and bodies reached Walton Railway Station of Lahore from Amritsar, India. Theme of song is more familiar of songs those were released on Independence Day of Pakistan in past as the song represents creation of Pakistan rather than Defence of Pakistan. Song ends without sharing any single shot about 1965 War.

Lyrics are strong but voice of Arif Aslam has failed to capture attention and ignite feelings those had been felt in previous songs released by ISPR.

There is no doubt that the nation will always pay tribute to its Martyrs & their families every Pakistani will be part of this unique campaign reaching out to their families, home, street, mohalla, village, city, province & place of Martyrdom. Let’s salute their sacrifice


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