ISPR releases Song Kashmir Hun Main— I am Kashmir

NewsISPR releases Song Kashmir Hun Main--- I am Kashmir

Islamabad, Pakistan: Ensuing its tradition, Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR) of Pakistan Armed Forces has released another sensitive and thought provoking song on Kashmir Solidarity Day.

This year it is “ Kashmir Hun Main—- I am Kashmir. You may remember last year it was “Kashmir ! India Ja Ja Kashmir say Nikal Ja”. Over 7 million viewers screened last year song in first three months.


New song Kashmir Hun Main—- I am Kashmir depicts and represents true picture of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) where over one million Indian armed forces have failed to snub indigenous movement for freedom.

4 minutes and 25 second duration song sends a strong message to Indian authorities that every Kashmiris is Shaheed Burhan Wani who has become an icon of resistance and sacrifice for Kashmiris.

Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) is subject in song which is asking several questions to Indian forces and answering itself, representing the strong will of Kashmiri people to suffer every kind of brutalities but not subjugating to Indian atrocities and illegal occupation.

Its lyrics like “I am Kashmir” and “Do not try to subjugate me and give me Freedom” represents commitment of Kashmiri nation that trespassers (Indian Forces) would be defeated through sacrifices.

martyrdom of Burhan Wani is used as symbol of sacrifices given by several generations of Kashmiris in their struggle for freedom.

Kashmir in song says “My every son has taken oath for sacrifice”, representing that Kashmiri youth is not afraid of Indian Forces and would continue resistance till Kashmir gets freedom from Indian occupation.

Throughout the song subject (Kashmir) is taunting to Indian government that it (India) has been doing the worst kind of brutalities and hostilities but has failed to get results  and no new method of subjugation would work now and Kashmiris would get their freedom by defeating draconian rule of Indian government.

Poet indicates one important point to Pakistani people by stating that Kashmir is jugular vein of Pakistan (as said my Founder of Nation Quaid i Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah).

The forceful emphasis on Kashmir Hun Main—-Shahrag Pakistan Ki is punchline of poet.

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نہ ظُلم کرو برباد کرو، کشمیر میرا آزاد کرو
اے قابض کر آزاد مجھے
جس خاطر ہیں میں نے نسلیں قربان کی
کتنے وانی تُو مارے گا
میرے ہر بیٹے نے کھائی قسم ایمان کی
کشمیر ہوں میں، کشمیر ہوں میں
شہہ رگ پاکستان کی
کتنا لہو ہے بہنا میرا
کتنااور بہاؤ گے
کتنی ماؤں کے آنسو دیکھے
کتنی اور رُلاؤ گے
ہر سُو میرے آگ لگی ہے
کتنا اور جلاؤ گے
ہے جاگ اُٹھی وادی ساری
کر فکر ذرا اپنے بھی تو انجام کی
کتنے وانی تُو مارے گا
میرے ہر بیٹے نے کھائی قسم ایمان کی
کشمیر ہوں میں شہہ رگ پاکستان کی
سچ اپنا یہ دُنیا سے تُم
کب تک اور چھپاؤ گے
کتنے زخم لگے ہیں پہلے
کتنے اور لگاؤ گے
درد ہیں دیکھیں معصوموں کے
اور ستم کیا ڈھاؤ گے
منزل میری آزادی ہے
پرواہ نہیں چاہے جاتی ہے جان بھی
کتنے وانی تُو مارے گا
میرے ہر بیٹے نے کھائی قسم ایمان کی
کشمیر ہو ں میں شہہ رگ پاکستان کی

کشمیر ہوں میں



It may be mentioned that ISPR has been releasing excellent patriotic songs in past and such songs had pivotal psychological impact on the youth of Pakistan to fight against extremism and terrorism.

The war against terrorism namely “Operation Zarb-e-Azb” had been won not only by bullets and blood of soldiers, officers and people of Pakistan rather inspirational patriotic songs also played a great role to fight horrific narrative used by terrorists to destabilise Pakistan.

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