Islamic State Daesh attacked state run Radio and Television stations in Jalalabad Afghanistan

Monitoring Desk: “Two suicide bombers who attacked state run Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA) Jalalabad Afghanistan on Wednesday were killed while two broadcast journalists lost their lives during attack”, claims Governor Office in Jalalabad Afghanistan.

Islamic State (Daesh) attacked Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA) Jalalabad and killed 8 journalists
Islamic State (Daesh) attacked Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA) Jalalabad and killed 8 journalists

Governor office further claimed that all terrorists were killed and RTA building was under the control of law enforcing agencies.Official propaganda outlet of Daesh “Amaq News Agency” claimed the responsibility of the attack but did yet to indicate how much causalities were inside RTA building.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has condemned the attack calling it barbaric. He said that Afghans would continue their fight to secure their land from terrorists.

Official figures of causalities can not be confirmed yet because journalists were not allowed to enter the RTA building while eyewitnesses claimed that at least eight terrorists entered the building and then firing started inside the building. RTA building is situated less than 300 metres from Jalalabad Police Headquarters therefore police reached the spot within no time.

Jalalabad Afghanistan has become a breeding ground of Daesh since December 2014 when Taliban left Nangarhar Province and moved to other provinces including Faryab and Kanduz to fight against Kabul government.

#IslamicState #ISIS (#Daesh ) attacked Radio Television Afghanistan #Jalalabad #Afghanistan
#IslamicState #ISIS (#Daesh ) attacked Radio Television Afghanistan #Jalalabad #Afghanistan

Reports suggest that majority of Daesh members belong to Indian state of Kerala who are actively leading the terror group in Afghanistan after reaching Afghanistan through Middle Eastern and gulf countries. Over 13 Indian citizens were killed when United States dropped Mother of All Bombs over Nangarhar Province in April.




Press TV Iran reported that government spokesman Attaullah Khogyani said there were three assailants while spokesman Interior Ministry Najib Danish refrained from commenting on total number of casualties.

Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA) Jalalabad Afghanistan under attack
Screen shot of Radio Television Afghanistan (RTA) Jalalabad Afghanistan online news portal after it was attacked by Daesh