Three-day Islamabad Tableegi Ijtema begins on Saturday

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The annual three-day Tableegi Ijtema (Religious Congregation) is set to kick off in Islamabad on April 29, 2017.

The Ijtema will begin on Saturday after Asr Prayer at Railway Carriage Factory Ground in Sector I-11/1 Islamabad, and will end with a dua on May 1 after Fajr Prayer.

The Islamabad Tableegi Ijtema is considered to be the third biggest Muslim gathering in Pakistan after Raiwind and Karachi.

Every year the Tableegi Ijtema brings thousands of Sunni Muslims in the Islamabad Congregation from different areas including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Attock, Chakwal, Gujar Khan, Jhelum, Kallar Syedan, Taxila, Hassan Abdal, Kashmir and other nearby regions.

Renowned religious Scholars including Maulana Tariq Jameel in their preaching shed light on the lives of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and Sahaba-e-Karam (R.A). The preachers urge Muslims to distance themselves from evil practices, and adhere to the teachings of Islam.

تفصیلی پروگرام براۓ اجتماع
٢٩ اپریل بروز ہفتہ
بیان عصر: مولوی عبادالله صاحب
بیان مغرب : مولانا جمیل صاحب
٣٠ اپریل بروز اتوار
بیان فجر : مولانا ضیاء الحق صاحب
١٠ بجے علماء کا حلقہ : مولانا جمیل صاحب
١٠ بجے دینی مدارس کا حلقہ : مولانا ضیاء الحق صاحب
١٠ بجے ٹیچرز و پروفیسرز کا حلقہ : پروفیسر شاہد صاحب
١٠ بجے خواص کا حلقہ : مولانا عبادالله صاحب
بیان ظہر : مولانا طارق جمیل صاحب
بیان عصر: چوھدری رفیق صاحب
بیان مغرب : مولانا محمد احمد صاحب
یکم مئی بروز پیر
ہدایات بعد نماز فجر : مولانا ضیاءالحق صاحب
دعا : مولانا طارق جمیل صاحب
مصافحہ : مولانا جمیل صاحب

In every Tableegi Ijtema, hundreds of groups are dispatched to various parts of the Country and abroad for preaching Islam.

Meanwhile, all security as well as other necessary arrangements have been completed to ensure the peaceful holding of Ijtema 2017. It will end with a collective dua, seeking right path, forgiveness and Allah’s help for safety of Pakistan and entire Muslim Ummah.

Islamabad Tableegi Ijtema 2017 MapWhatsApp Image 2017-04-27 at 10.45.09 PM