Is time horizontal, vertical, or cyclical?


By Tusbeeha Kamran Cheema


Tusbiha Kamran Cheema
By Tusbeeha Kamran Cheema

The black hole is a region of space-time where gravity is so strong that nothing, no particles, or even electromagnetic radiation such as light can escape from it. We can’t go near it. And that’s the problem. How are we going to find out what’s inside it, or if there is anything at all?

Many people say that there is only darkness. But how do they know? Have they ever entered there? Are they going to try? They may be right. But what if there is something else other than just darkness? What if there is not only a vacuum? Although the name is a black hole, I do not even think that it’s black at all.

There may be some strange kind of life on the other side of the hole. We need to know much more like the concept of time in space. We think there is so much difference. If we say that I am in space, I have been in space in 2 hours. But there are 6 years on the earth. The very idea of time is changed the moment we leave the earth. Will there be someone who will offer their life for going inside the black hole?

There are maybe thousands of other planets there. Maybe a life or may not be, maybe planets we can live on or micro life. But the black hole is too far away from the earth. Sometimes I fantasize myself going to explore all this” Will I volunteer my life for the black hole? I have so many queries, we may stop the time in space. I mean Allah can do everything. But does he stop the time on the earth? None of us know what space looks like. We have the idea from pictures. How it feels to be there.

The presence of a black hole can be inferred through its interaction with other matter and with electromagnetic radiation such as visible light. And the time would be completely different there. But it is gravity that is strong. Nothing here on earth can fight it. And I think if anyone tries to get through it, that person’s body will be disassembled. But time is indeed a big problem. If we could stop time exactly, and if everything could just freeze in a moment, we might be able to flow through the black hole. It is not at all certain, but my wild imagination. The matter that falls onto a black hole can form an external accretion disk heated by friction, forming quasars, some of the brightest objects in the universe. One very good professor said that we cannot define at all what times is. He says that time is nature’s way of avoiding everything happening at once. And he says that the universe thus has a universal time, which progresses as space expands, but there is also another concept of time, namely local time. The concept of time grabs my attention these days.

I wonder if time is horizontal, vertical, or cyclical. And where is the ultimate endpoint?  Whether it goes after the last digit and what is the last digit if it is numerical at all? How it starts and how it ends? does it flow like a river or is it a staircase going upward somewhere. I hope we will find these answers one day.

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