Is Pakistan Supporting Taliban?

I don’t know what words should i use for my blog today but it was a terrible blast which targeted christian community in Peshawar on Sunday morning. I remember a day before the incident i was having an argument with one of friend which got heated up and it was about Pakistan released Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, former Afghan Taliban second-in-command.


Picture by Express Tribune

I woke up late in the morning on Sunday and got ready to go for Brunch with three of my Austrian friend who are in Pakistan doing a project “Unheard Voice of Pakistani Youth”  and on our way to Super Market Islamabad we were generally discussing Pakistan. After placing the order at the Chaye Khana i checked my twitter so that i can have an idea whats cooking up in the town today and i came to know about the blast.

According to the initial reports on internet i read that 56 got killed and many got injured but then the figure of dead started rising. when my Gora Friends read the news they were in state of shock because they had interviewed one young Christian 23 years of age who lives next to the one of the oldest Church on Mall Road Muree, a day before the blast.  And according to young  Tahir, Christians are safe  and they don’t have any threats from the radical forces in Pakistan.

While having my  food i kept on thinking about the Christian community  in Peshawar and what they had been through today. I heard many people around me gossiping the same news with different perspectives. when i was on my back i saw a protest against the blast in Peshawar and the procession was moving towards Blue Area.

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And i was left with only one question in my mind which was “Is Pakistan going to release more Taliban leaders and if our leaders still think that we can negotiate with Taliban?”



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