Iran earthquake: Pakistan condoles with Iran over causalities

Islamabad, Pakistan: President and Prime Minister of Pakistan have sent condolence messages to the Iranian President over the tragic Iran earthquake that caused several hundred deaths in Kermanshah province on the night of November 12, 2017.

In their separate messages, President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan condoled with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

The President and the Prime Minister in their respective messages have conveyed deepest condolences on behalf of the people and Government of Pakistan to the Iranian brethren at this grave tragedy. They have expressed that Pakistan firmly stood by them in braving this calamity.

In order to assist the Iranian Government’s rescue and relief efforts, the President and the Prime Minister have offered to send immediate consignment of humanitarian supplies including tents, blankets and other associated items along with rescue and relief teams. The concerned authorities in this regard are in touch with the Iranian side to ensure that humanitarian supplies are sent according to the Iranian needs.

It is pertinent to mention that earthquake near the Iran-Iraq border in northwest Iran (220 km northeast of Baghdad, Iraq). Preliminary technical data indicates rupture occurred on a fault dipping shallowly to the east-northeast, or on a fault dipping steeply to the southwest. Ezgeleh town of Kermanshah province of Iran is most hit area.

Pakistan condoles with Iran over earthquake causalities
Pakistan condoles with Iran over earthquake causalities

At the location of this earthquake, the Arabia plate is moving towards the north with respect to Eurasia at a rate of about 26 mm/yr. The two plates converge along a northwest-striking plate boundary in the general vicinity of this earthquake, driving the uplift of the Zagros mountains in Iran. The location of the event and the shallow, northeast-dipping plane of the focal mechanism solution are consistent with rupture of a plate boundary related structure in this region.

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