Introducing the best smartphone camera for a perfect selfie

Technology has totally changed the way we take pictures and capture our memories. The advent of digital photography over the years has totally transformed the way we store and edit pictures. In the era of social media the internet has totally revolutionised the way we share our pictures. Facebook and Twitter users now take pictures instantly of their happy moments and share them on the web within seconds. They have their memories saved in their smartphones and social media applications.

Gone are the days when people had to carry their digital cameras along wherever they go. Now everyone has a smartphone camera in their pocket. People are snapping around way too much. With the introduction of front-facing camera, the modern trend of taking selfies has been triggered. The selfie culture has been fuelled by the popularity of smartphones. Now that everyone has a smartphone in their hand there is no secret why selfies have become so popular. Taking selfies is easy and quick. The request to passing-by strangers “Would you mind taking picture of us?” has become totally wiped out. Now taking selfies has become the norm.Introducing the best smartphone camera for a perfect selfie

Tecno Mobile is a leading mobile phone brand which is owned by Hong-Kong based company. Tecno Mobile is dedicated to provide advanced and latest technology mobile phones at affordable prices. Tecno Mobile is all set to unveil its new smartphone to its Camon Family. Like always, Techno Camon I, the new baby of the Camon family, will not disappoint smart phone enthusiasts who are waiting anxiously for the best camera-centric smart phone.

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Rumour has it, that Tecno Camon I is going to have the expert quality camera capabilities. It is introducing a new feature of fingerprint quick selfie. Though there has not been any leaked detail about the phone’s exact specifications however, one would expect that its camera shouldn’t be anything less than a 13MP – considering that, the average camera rating of their devices released previously has 13MP Camera.

Unsurprisingly, other features of the camera, the hardware specs, design and the fluidity has been tipped to impress. Tecno Camon I is going to be the first device from Tecno Mobile to show full screen display. Normal smart phone have normal display on the phones, but Tecno Camon I comes with a full screen display on a small body. When Tecno mobile will unveil the new addition in the market, it is definitely going to be the best phone in the market not to be missed by smartphone freaks.


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