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An interview with a Ghost Hunter—Mazhar Malik

mahli2Mazhar Malik Ghost hunter is Leonard Nimoy of Pakistan as he is pioneer of paranormal phenomenon and supernatural occurrences recorder. Accounts of supernatural occurrences have always been common in the print media. Local TV news programs in west have featured ghost stories since the 1960s. Paranormal television arose from this tradition. However this genre is still very rear in Pakistan. We remember that one of the earliest paranormal TV shows was In Search Of…, hosted by Leonard Nimoy which ran for six years from 1976. Rod Serling was originally slated to host the series, but he died in 1975. In Search Of… explored many paranormal topics, including UFOs, cryptozoological creatures (cryptids), lost civilizations, and other mysteries. Though the subject matter gradually lost popularity, the show gave way to future TV series following the same genre. In Pakistan “Raaz” reality show was planned and hosted by Mazhar Malik in 2009 and still a success. Dispatch News Desk (DND) publishing interview of Mazhar for our readers to tell what is this paranormal world? Many questions in the mind of people are addressed by this interview of a successful practitioner. He is most popular ghost hunter in Pakistan.

Question: What is ghost hunting?
Answer:  Ghost Hunting is a paranormal investigation to prove the existence of ghost. Investigation on a location which is reported to be haunted.

Q: Some people consider ghost hunting is just a fraud. What is your opinion?

A: Some people don’t believe in ghosts just because science hasn’t yet been able to fully explain paranormal happenings. People think some of it might be real but rest of the things are staged so they don’t completely believe. They believe these shows to be faked because they never see anything in most of the shows. For me ghost hunting is 100 percent real. It can depend on a particular show you watch.

Q: How do you find a ghost? How do you hunt ghost?

A: First of all I find locations (local places) that have activity or are famous for ghost sighting. For instance cemetery or deserted places, old houses etc. We get permission from whosoever runs the cemetery or haunted location .Before I go out and start ghost hunting I do my research. This is not all fun and game. I prepare myself and my team how to handle different situations. I hunt ghosts with the help of paranormal investigation equipment.

Q: How many ghosts you have hunted during your career?

A: Hahahaaha. It is difficult to answer this question. I never thought somebody will ask me question like this, otherwise I would have keeps counting. Tell you one secret; two of them live with me all the time.

Q: When did you start ghost hunting?

A: Well I am curious of such adventurous since my childhood. In my child hood I had visited all those places where people were afraid to go. Some ghosts are my friends from my childhood. On Television I started the program in 2009 with title “RAAZ”.

Q: Tell us some interesting experience who encounter during ghost hunting?  Tell us some dreadful and unforgettable experience?

A: Once I was doing investigation in a 100 years old house. That house started Oscillate moving or swing back and forth in a regular rhythm like its earthquake but that was not earthquake. My team members were shivering with fear. We feared that ceiling would fall on us. Then we came out safe and sound. That was very dreadful and unforgettable experience.

Q: Tell us some places of Lahore where you hunted ghosts?

A: It is against the rules if I answer this question because usually we get permission from owners with this condition that we will not reveal location details but for brief information there are lots of graveyards and old houses which are famous for ghost sight sighting.

Q: What are popular areas where one can find ghosts and they are best for ghost hunters?

A: Many Places. “Laahoot la makan” in Sindh. “Changa Manga” jungle in a Lahore. Lahore Fort basement. Miani Sahib graveyard. Fort Drawarr in Bahawalpur. “Luddhan shah darbar” in Muzaffargarrh etc etc .

Q: What is EMF metre? And how does it help to hunt ghosts? Tell us electronic gadgets you use for ghost hunting?

A: The basic ghost hunting equipment you’ll need for your investigations.
2. EVP Electronic voice phenomena
3. EMF Electro Magnetic Field
4.Thermal Scanner
5. Motion Sensor
6. Camcorder
7. Laser lights
8. Mobile ghost Antenna

EMF: EMF meters detect fields emitted by moving electrically charged objects. Electromagnetic field theory lies at the combination of an electric field, produced by a charged object, and the magnetic field created when the charged object moves. Scientists previously separated electric fields from magnetic fields, but a combination of the two field models reality better. An EMF meter is an instrument that reads the fluctuation in electromagnetic fields. You should always take preliminary EMF readings at various places throughout the site. The locations of power lines, appliances and other sources of electromagnetic fields are also noted. Anything that registers in the 2.0 to the 7.0 ranges and cannot be traced to a source is attributed to spirit activity. An example of a source would be a computer monitor. The closer you get to a natural source the higher the reading. When it comes to searching for ghosts, you’d think that only the most reliable methods
would be used in an attempt to get solid evidence for something as mysterious and elusive as a spirit. Yet in ghost hunting, often the less scientific the methods and equipment, the more likely a researcher is to find “evidence” for ghosts.

Ghost hunters use a variety of creative—and dubious—methods to detect their quarry’s presence, including psychics. Psychics not only claim to locate ghosts but also to communicate with the spirits, who unfortunately don’t provide any useful or verifiable information from the afterlife.

Q: At the end —tell us about you—your background qualification and why and how and why did you get interest in such a different sort of hobby?

A: I am working into Media since 1999. I work with several Tv channels. Including ATV PTV and ROHI TV. It has been seven years now working with Rohi Tv as a director Producer and Head of Productions.  I started my ghost hunting program RAAZ in 2009. It has massive viewership in more than 70 countries and also available on you tube.

Ghost Hunting and singing are my most favorite hobbies. I am down to earth person who is spiritual inside and very adventurous oudside. I try to help people in my capacity to solve their spiritual or psychological problems. I do have interest in Metaphysics. I am in search of GOD.


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Asad Haroon
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