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Since we are about to enter 2022, it won’t be wrong to mention that Internet has now become unavoidable. While in Pakistan, the reach of cable internet is still limited, hence the majority of the people are still dependent upon wireless Internet. In order to fill the gap, the Jazz network always comes up with amazing internet packages for its customers.

Jazz Internet Packages
Let it be our daily Tasks, shopping, travel, education, we are now dependent on the internet. Although Pakistan still lags behind in numbers referring to the quality of internet service but in terms of mobile/internet penetration, we are an emerging market globally.

Mobile Internet packages are still not that cheap in Pakistan but the majority uses them in order to surf the internet. These packages come in all sorts of offers like 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, weekly or monthly packages and the data shows that a lot of people opt for the short term data offer with maximum volume.

Jazz 4g

But the real challenge here is how to remember these packages? Most people forget about the last package they had used so in order to overcome such challenges, we are going to list down the top 10 Internet Packages for Jazz Network that are valid from 2021 to 2022.

Jazz Internet Packages

Super Ghanta Offer

The offer is suitable for the infrequent users of mobile data. To subscribe to this package, you have to dial *638# for 1GB  in just Rs. 9 including tax.

Daily Mega Offers

By dialling *117*4# you can enjoy a great offer of 1000MBs (1GB) for a day in just rupees 25 inclusive of the tax.

Daily YouTube and Social Package

This is the best offer for you if you love video streaming. You can get 1GB for Rs 15 entailing tax for a day for YouTube, Facebook, and other social apps. Dial *968# to subscribe to this offer.

Weekly Mega Offer

Dial *159# to get 7GB of the internet for Rs 210, and enjoy it for a week.

Weekly Mega Plus Offer

To enjoy this offer dial *453# on your mobile phone. With this offer, you can get 24GB for a whole week for only rupees 267 with Tax. You can also get and enjoy the free jazz tv app subscription.

Weekly Extreme Offer

This is for those who are extreme data users or the late-night owls. You can enjoy 25GB of internet for Rs 60 within tax for a week between 12 AM to 9 AM. If you want to subscribe, dial *117*1#.

Weekly YouTube and Social Offer

For just Rs 80 (incl. Tax) you can enjoy 5GB of internet for youtube and other social apps, by dialling *660#.

Monthly Mega Plus Offer

There is 12GB of internet for a month for just Rs 349 with tax. Dial *117*30# to enjoy this amazing offer.

Monthly Social Offer

You can enjoy 5 GB of data for Rs 89 for all social apps for a month by just dialling*661*2#.

Monthly Supreme Package

This offer will give you 20 GB for a month for Rs. 499 (incl. tax) by dialling *117*32#.



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