International Women’s Day: HUM INQUILAB HAIN— We are Revolution


By Sajjida Akbar

Controversial slogan “mera jism meri marzi” has actually damaged women’s Right movements rather than helping them and Aurat Azadi March 2020 (Women’s Freedom March 2020) has become a debated issue due to irresponsible attitudes of some so-called reformists of society including Shazia Anwar aka Marvi Sirmed, Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar etc.

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Situation has become so aggravated that girls like me would never be allowed now to attend activities on Women’s Day by my family members.

I believe women’s rights are not only linked with sexual freedom rather millions of women are living in unbearable conditions all over the world particularly in South Asia. House maids, Brick Kiln workers, daily wages workers, contractual workers and many more women demand equal rights and equal opportunities but they are denied their rights in Man-Dominated society.

In the middle of hurricane of controversies, Women Democratic Front has released a decent, thoughtful and impressive song “HUM INQUILAB HAIN” (We are Revolution).

Song (They call it Anthem) is released on the occasion of Aurat Azadi March 2020.

Written by Ismat Shahjahan and composed by Ammar Rashid, chorus song/ Anthem is sung by   Areej Hussain, Ammar Rashid, Huda Bhurgri, Ismat Shahjahan, Ayesha Khan, and Shahzadi Hussain.

This song/Anthem honestly represents women’s conditions in today’s corporate world and demands equal rights and equal opportunities for womenhood.

Lets enjoy this song


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