International Indian School Ajman: A Detailed Overview

UAEAjmanInternational Indian School Ajman: A Detailed Overview

International Indian School Ajman


I. Introduction
II. School’s Vision and Mission
III. Why Choose International Indian School Ajman
IV. Facilities at the International Indian School Ajman
V. Academics at the International Indian School Ajman
VI. Admission Process at the International Indian School Ajman
VIII. Conclusion
IX. Reviews of Parents and Students

International Indian School Ajman: A Detailed Overview


Nestled in Al Jurf 2, Ajman, United Arab Emirates, is a gem of an educational institution – the International Indian School Ajman. Founded in 2002, the school has set a firm footprint in the realm of quality education for expatriate children in a culturally inclusive, technologically effective, and ecologically sensitive way.

School’s Vision and Mission

The school is not merely an institution where knowledge is imparted, but a platform where students, parents, teachers, and management come together for mutual growth. The school emphasizes learning as a communitarian process, gathering knowledge from natural, academic, social, and technological ecosystems. Every school community member from diverse nationalities and cultures is respected and treated with dignity.

Why Choose International Indian School Ajman

The school prides itself on providing facilities on par with international standards, employing highly qualified staff who are experts in their respective fields, and maintaining a physical environment conducive to learning. It includes natural, academic, social, and technological factors that enhance the learning experience.


International Indian School Ajman

The school boasts an array of top-tier facilities such as a football ground, basketball court, badminton court, volleyball court, and indoor courts. A separate play area for kindergarten and grades, language labs, music, dance, yoga, and karate training facilities are also available. The digital classrooms ensure learning is in its complete essence, incorporating the latest technology aids.

The school library is a treasure trove of reference books, enabling students to enhance their education further. The school promotes sportsmanship and physical development by providing various outdoor and indoor play areas. The Cyber Square introduces students to computer programming/coding and different computer coding languages.

In a unique move, the school integrates farming into the curriculum, promoting harmony with nature. It also offers many mentoring options, from music to sports, allowing students to explore their extra-curricular interests. Students can opt for various second languages, including Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Bangla, and French.


International Indian School Ajman

The academic offerings at the school are diverse and comprehensive. The curriculum follows the Ministry of Education UAE guidelines and the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2005 vision. From kindergarten to higher secondary, each phase is intricately planned to nurture the overall development of students.

The kindergarten focuses on early childhood learning with subjects taught in an organic and applied manner. They introduced core subjects and the three Ministry-mandated subjects from primary grade onwards. The middle school curriculum encourages greater specialization, with subjects being taught in more detail. The CBSE prescribes the curriculum in secondary school, preparing students for their chosen fields. In higher secondary grades, students are oriented toward career choices, with curriculum schemes following the CBSE.

Admission Process


The school recognizes the intricacies involved in the student admission process and ensures a smooth procedure that exceeds all parental expectations. The cooperative administrative staff assists parents in every step of the admission process.


Q1: What is the student-teacher ratio at the International Indian School Ajman?

Answer: The school maintains an ideal student-teacher ratio of 25:1 to ensure individual attention and effective learning for each student.

Q2: Does the International Indian School Ajman offer special education facilities?

Answer: The school provides Special Education Needs (SEN) facilities, offering comprehensive support for students with learning difficulties.

Q3: Are there any scholarship opportunities for students at the International Indian School Ajman?

Answer: The school offers scholarships to academically deserving and financially disadvantaged students, ensuring equal opportunities for all.

Q4: Does the International Indian School Ajman provide boarding facilities?

Answer: Currently, the school does not provide boarding facilities; it is a day school.

Q5: What extra-curricular activities does the school offer besides sports and music?

Answer: Apart from sports and music, the school offers a variety of clubs and societies, including a debating club, science club, math club, and art & craft club.


The International Indian School Ajman represents a fusion of diverse cultures, modern facilities, and a dynamic curriculum aimed at developing the overall personality of students. The school continues to adapt to changing pedagogies and educational needs, ensuring its students are ready for an ever-evolving world.

Reviews of Parents and Students

The school, as gleaned from many reviews, has positively impacted students and parents alike. Testimonials speak of the nurturing environment, dedicated staff, and various facilities that have contributed to the overall development of students. Many parents praise the school’s balance of academic and extra-curricular activities, instrumental in their children’s comprehensive development.

Overall, it is not just a school but a well-rounded community fostering learning growth, and holistic development. Its unwavering commitment to quality education has set a high benchmark for schools in the UAE.

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