Sindh parties demand army deployment during polls

KARACHI: A majority of parties in Sindh today called for deployment of army personnel at polling stations in Karachi in the wake of poor security situation.

The demand came at an all-party conference (APC) hosted by caretaker Sindh Chief Minister Qurban Alavi to review the law and order situation ahead of elections.

The Sindh government has said that Pak army is already on standby for the last 48 hours.

Army will be deployed on all polling stations of Sindh, including Karachi and each polling booth will be video-recorded, it said.

More than 21 political parties of Sindh attended the APC today.

After signing a new code of conduct, most of the participating parties called for the deployment of army at polling stations in Karachi.

Sindh Chief Secretary Ejaz Chaudhry told media persons that army was on standby and could be called in any time.

It was decided that every candidate could keep five guards with the permission of Deputy Commissioner.

A total of 5, 500 polling stations are sensitive across Sindh, where troops will be stationed.

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