Intel Invites Pakistan to #GoFaster with a Tablet Showcase Event

Intel Invites Pakistan to #GoFaster with a Tablet Showcase Event

KARACHI: The Intel Pakistan on Friday hosted a Performance Matters tablet showcase event at the Noodle House, PC revealing how the quality of the ingredients, i.e. processor inside your tablet may impact your ability to achieve more, when time matters most.

The showcase revealed how Intel mobile devices may help users to save time, do more, achieve more and be more, everyday.

The event featured a range of mobile devices and their dynamic capabilities as enabled by Intel® Atom™ processors. Designed to deliver unique and personal computing experiences for every lifestyle, the event aims to bring to life the philosophy: If it computes and connects, it’s best with Intel.

During the event Chef Mehboob showed the importance of using quality ingredients to deliver a delicious dish and challenged attendees to a cook off to construct an exquisite dish from just a few quality ingredients.

Chef Mehboob was joined by Asma Aziz, PR and Marketing Manager, Intel Pakistan to discuss the importance of ingredients in cookery to taste of the dish – an analogy used to explain why the processor inside is a core component in determining the overall performance and hence user experience of a tablet.

The event hosted by Intel Pakistan demonstrated to consumers how they can #GoFaster with Intel Inside and the latest Intel® Atom™ processor tablet technology.