Instagram Child Safety Feature: Block Unknown Creeps from Messaging

Instagram child safety feature will help users to block adults from messaging teenagers. Check out the details below.


Instagram is equally popular among adults as well as youngsters. While many parents who concern about the social media privacy of their kids, Instagram has stepped up and announced that the company is working to make the app experience safer for kids. To ensure this, the company may soon come up with an Instagram child safety feature update that allows users to block unknown creeps from messaging the kids.

Let’s look into the details.

Instagram Child Safety

Instagram Child Safety Update

As of now, Instagram allows a user to be at least 13 years of age for joining the platform. However, kids at such a young age are more prone to explore things on their own. By (somehow) registering as a user, the teenage kids often find themselves vulnerable to the adult content shared or sent in the DM (inbox).

What does the safety feature do?

The company is currently working to make necessary modifications to the app to ensure proper child safety. Instagram will not allow adult users to send messages to teenagers who do not ‘follow’ them. Moreover, they have also introduced safety prompts intended to remind young users of their liberty on the platform. These prompts will be shown to them if any adult tries to contact with an intention that falls under “exhibiting potentially suspicious behavior”.

App Reminder

Instagram will also notify the teenage app users with a reminder that they do not need to feel pressured by any unknown messages landing in the DM. Moreover, the app also reminds users to be careful sharing any media files with an unknown user.

How Will Instagram Detect ‘Suspicious Behavior’?

The app officials have currently not addressed how Instagram will detect the suspicious or inappropriate behavior of adult users. However, the app is entitled to flag adult users who send an unusually high number of follow requests to teenagers across the globe.

Instagram Child Safety Update

Instagram child safety update is a great move by the company. While we appreciate the step, it is too early to speak if the safety feature will be as efficient as claimed by the officials. To find out more details, stay tuned as we gather more latest updates from Instagram.

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