Insia Malik is Secret Superstar of Indian Muslims

By Ameena Pervaiz

Muslims in India are not poor because they were born in poverty but because of a unique habit of accepting their poverty and living in same circumstances till death send them to graveyard.

Insia Malik is Secrete Superstar of Indian Muslims
Insia Malik is Secrete Superstar of Indian Muslims

They are glued to their centuries-old traditions and they have no wish to change their lives and traditions according to new circumstances. However, new generation of Indian Muslims is not ready to accept what it has been compelled to follow— Insia Malik  (Zaira Wasim) of “Secret Superstar” is one of such promising youth who fights back and comes upward like a soda bubble and shows the world her existence.

Insia Malik is Secret Superstar of Indian Muslims. Secret Superstar is a story of infighting between traditionalists and forces of change.

Secret Superstar will throb hearts of viewers from tomorrow October 19, 2017 as this musical drama will on silver screens in Indian cinemas to tell the world that rejecting taboos are not revolt rather a lesson to those who wish to sacrifice their whole lives to follow such illogical practices.

Insia Malik asks her society “Main Kaun Hoon”?  (Who am I?). Will she get the answer? We must wait to watch film to get the answer.

A female lyricist and screen writer Kausar Munir asks many questions to Indian society in Secret Superstar through songs written by her and sung by another female —Meghna Mishra.

I believe Secret Superstar is voice of female-hood of Indian Muslims.

The film is written and directed by Advait Chandan and produced by Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao. Amir Khan gave role of young girl who wants to become singer to time-tested Zaira Wasim —- Dangal Fame. Two and half hour drama is saga of a 15-year-old school girl from Baroda whose father is strict Muslim and abusive husband. Her mother accepted what life brought to her but Zaira Wasim — Insia Malik is not ready to accept irrational conduct of her father. She fights and her Youtube video becomes trend and most wanted video on social media. Insia Malik records this video in Burka— covering her face and body as being a Muslim girl and she also does not share with viewers what is her name. In the beginning of the video she says she cannot share her name and she is just a —Secret Superstar.

Shakti Kumaarr (Amir Khan) who is a star of music industry is there to support Insia Malik morally along with her mother. We will see what happens to this star and will she be remain a “Secret Superstar” or will she acclaim and reclaim her identity?