Initiative Q: Complete guide on buying, investing, confusions, and timeline

 Initiative Q Currency

People are hearing about Initiative Q. Some tried to figure out each and every detail while others are still clueless. Is it a scam, money making machine or what? We will try to explain it to you in simple words.

  • What is an initiative Q?
  • What are the benefits of initiative Q?
  • Is initiative Q scam?
  • What rewards will you get after signing up for Initiative Q?
  • How can you sign up for initiative Q?
  • How to Buy Initiative Q Currency?

Just pay your attention for next 8-10 minutes. Are you ready? Great!

What Is An Initiative Q?Initiative Q Currency

It is basically an initiative taken by Saar Wilf. According to our research, this man is also a founder of payment method named as “Fraud Sciences”. You will be surprised to know that “Fraud Sciences” ended up being acquired by Paypal in 2008!

Now Saar Wilf wants to develop completely new payment system i.e. “Initiative Q”. According to him and his team, current methods of payments are old and outdated. People are paying a lot of transaction fee in different forms. In this way they are bearing unnecessary costs.

So, Saar Wilf and his team has taken an initiative to replace the current method with the digital payment method.

What Are The Benefits Of Initiative Q?

Digital currency can save a lot of money and energy. Just imagine, what will happen when all people will use same currency i.e. just digital currency? Don’t you think so that these changes will happen?

  • There will be unified system and currency. You will have to pay small transaction’s fee unlike current payment system.
  • All over the world there will be no need to access the banks to make deposits, purchases, sales, money transfers, and investments. This system seems to be hassle-free.
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Is Initiative Q scam?Initiative Q Currency

Well, you are not the only one who is curious about it. There are many people  out there who are asking same question!

Let us ask you what type of scam it is? We mean, you do not have to spend even a single penny! They are just asking you to sign up for free! You just have to provide your name and email address. That’s it! There are no hidden charges for that.

Signing Up Initiative Q – Rewards

Here is an actual trick by which they want to make their system successful. Relax, we are not asking you to pay.

They want global acceptance for their system. They know it quite well that without reasonable amount of people they cannot make their campaign successful.

What are the three main parts of payment system?

  • Currency
  • Buyers
  • Sellers

Right? They have an idea of currency already. Once buyer and seller will agree on that currency, what will happen? Transactions will start!

They are now trying to get “global acceptance” for their system. It will only happen when giant sellers will accept their payment method. When sellers will join? When they will see enormous number of buyers ready for this system.

Now, Saar Wilf and his team want to attract buyers with a deal.


What is that deal with Q?

When you will sign up for initiative Q. Link will be generated. When another person will sign up by that link then Q currency will be increased in your account. If this system will become successful one day then imagine how much Q currency will be there in your account? Can you guess that? It could be in millions.

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Look, if people will sign up randomly (on their own) then all the people will not be connected to one another. But, they want to connect the people through some means as commission is generated when anyone uses your sign up link. Only in this way people will be attracted towards their initiative. As they will be ready to sign up on a hope that may be I will become millionaire one day without any efforts.

More early you sign up, more Q currency you will get!

How Can You Sign Up For Initiative Q

So, they have decided that anyone can sign up on their website just by invitation. Now you can do these things to search for an invitation link.

  • Visit Initiative Q’s Facebook or Twitter page and see which of your friends have liked that page. There is 90% chance that they have already signed up for Initiative Q. Ask them to send you a link.
  • Post on social media about it. May be your friend have already signed up. So they will send you invitation link immediately.


We have provided you all the necessary details about Initiative Q. Hope so now you have enough information about it.

What have you decided? Are you interested in signing up for initiative Q or not?