Indian transborder state-sponsored terrorism has become a global risk, indicates foreign affairs experts

MediaIndian transborder state-sponsored terrorism has become a global risk, indicates foreign affairs...

Monitoring Desk: “Transborder state-sponsored terrorism launched by India has become a global risk and after success in destabilizing Pakistan through launching terrorism, now India has gone too far in this adventure but has been caught red-handed in the United States and Canada”.

These were observations of foreign affairs experts and senior analysts in the PTV Current Affairs talk show Chotha Satoon anchored by senior journalist Jawwad Faizi. In Friday’s show participants held an in-depth discussion about Indian state-sponsored global terrorism while citing irrefutable events of terrorism documented in Qatar, United States, and Canada. Senior journalist and analyst from Canada, Anees Farooqi, senior journalist and editor of an English daily Amir Ghuri, and International Relations expert and foreign affairs analyst Shazia Anwer Cheema from Prague explained that the world is now boiling over trans-border terrorism of India. However, they felt that Pakistani media is not taking much interest in reporting what is going on all over the world against India. They were of the view that Pakistani media is also not reporting how much the Khalistan movement has become popular globally.


“Khalistan movement has become a strong resistance movement against Indian atrocities over Sikhs and this is the most important news of the Western world but Pakistan media is standing far ahead professionally to report these events. Now Canada is sending illegal Indians back to India after catching Indian mercenaries who were involved in killing Sikhs in Canada and this development could also be a part of such killing contracts in the future. Neither the US nor Canada would sit silent and give an unprecedented response to this situation”, commented Anees Farooqi from Canada.

Amir Ghuri stated that the Canadian PM talked about this issue with Indian PM Modi in New Delhi during the G-20 Summit and he explained everything to Modi but India did not give heed to his conversations and warnings and India refused to accept being involved in transborder state-sponsored terrorism. After facing this state of denial from India, the Canadian PM took his parliament into confidence and exposed Indian terrorism openly. Amir Ghuri added that now the US has told India categorically that it would not allow India what it has been doing with Pakistan for the last 75 years.

Indian transborder state-sponsored terrorism has become a global risk, indicate foreign affairs experts
Pakistan had been raising the issue of Indian terrorism in the past but nobody was listening to Pakistan now it is time that the world would listen to Pakistan quite seriously.

“I think Indian allies knew these facts already and now they have decided to react because India has become uncontrollable. Indian Prime Minister Modi is involved in raping Kashmiri Muslim women, killing them, and subjugating Kashmiris and now these issues will also appear in mainstream information platforms soon. In 90s US decided to integrate Indians in its foreign policy but India after 9/11 used this opportunity against Pakistan and instead of being honest friends of the U.S., Indians started using their leverage in the US system against Pakistan. Pakistan should work closely with Western powers as well as with Middle Eastern powers and must expose Indian designs of destabilizing global peace. Pakistan had been raising the issue of Indian terrorism in the past but nobody was listening to Pakistan now it is time that the world would listen to Pakistan quite seriously. If Pakistan could have been involved in this kind of state-sponsored terrorism as India is involved, Pakistan could have been tagged as a terrorist state by the Western power”, commented Amir Ghuri.

He was of the opinion that the Khalistan movement would definitely weaken India and Kashmir’s cause would get moral support all over the world.

International Relations expert Shazia Anwer Cheema was of the view that India had been doing it with Pakistan for a long.

“Pakistan gave two dossiers to the world about transborder state-sponsored terrorism against Pakistan. Now the world has seen that Pakistan did not blame India but rather informed the world beforehand that India is becoming the dangerous state for global peace. Now things are being made public in Western media about what India has been doing against foreign countries and their citizens. Although Pakistan could not be brave due to its economic health even then Pakistan stood against terrorism collected irrefutable data and shared the data with the world powers. Now we will see how the West would react and this is the time that Pakistan should reemphasize its stance and resend documents to world forums. Canada and the US now new targets of India wanted to cleanse Sikhs who had not forgotten their purge of 1984 and would still demand justice for the Sikh massacre of 1884. India was made the net-security provider of the West against China in this region but now the West can understand that India cannot be trusted. Pakistan refused to become the net security provider of the West against China because Beijing is Pakistan’s time-tested friend”, commented Shazia Anwer Cheema.

She was of the view that regarding the Khalistan movement, Pakistan media is avoiding this issue because it would send a wrong message to the world and people would think that Pakistan is behind the Khalistan movement and it is not an indigenous move while Khalistan is completely an indigenous movement and extraordinary promotion of Khalistan in Pakistani media would not in favor of Sikh’s indigenous movement.

All participants demanded Pakistan’s government resend dossiers to Western countries compromising irrefutable documents of India’s direct involvement in launching terrorism against Pakistan.

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