Indian Media and drone attack at an Indian Air Force installation

Monitoring Desk: Indian media and social media are providing several possibilities about the story of a recent drone attack at an Indian Air Force installation and the following are popular theories available in Indian social media.


Is India aiming a misadventure at the Line of Control (LoC) by claiming that Pakistan is behind the Jammu drone strike?

The attack is the result of going tension between the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force (IAF).

India is holding Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad but none of them have no capability and expertise to use drones and the pictures of drone released by India allegedly used in the Jammu Air Force Station attack look fake.

If the Jammu Air Force Station attack had been carried out by anti-India forces, they would have targeted the hangar rather than the roof of a building

India is creating a smokescreen to hide the internal dimension of failures at the domestic and global fronts.

Modi is creating a threat perception by using the bogey of alleged drone attacks to increase India’s defence budget.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (right) and Home Affair Minister Amit Shah (left)

Modi sees the defeat of his plans in the ongoing political process in IIOJK and raising hue and cry about the alleged drone attack is meant to derail the process

India is trying to build pressure on Pakistan by blaming it for drone strike after world-recognized Islamabad’s peace overtures with Delhi.

Indian social media believes that the drone attack story is actually diverting attention from foreign and internal pressure New Delhi is facing.

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