Indian farmers end year-long protests after Modi announced to repeal farm laws

NEW DELHI, India: The Indian farmers have ended their year-long protests across the Country after the New Delhi regime agreed to abandon three contentious agricultural laws.


Tens of thousands of farmers from the Indian Punjab, Haryana, and the Utter Pradesh States staged protest sit-ins for over a year, demanding the Central government to repeal the farm laws.

Last month, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced to repeal the farm laws through the Parliament, the farmers welcomed the move and decided not to end their protest.

However, they said that if the government doesn’t fulfill its promises, they may resume the protest.

On Saturday, the protesting farmers packed their belongings, removed roadblocks, and dismantled thousands of makeshift homes along major highways to return to their homes.

They were dancing and celebrating upon the acceptance of their demands including guaranteed prices for produce.

In September 2020, the Indian Parliament passed three agricultural laws which would have deregulated a system of government-run wholesale markets, allowing farmers to sell directly to food processors.

But the Indian farmers feared that this would result in the end of government-guaranteed price floors, thereby reducing the prices they would receive for their crops. Therefore, they held countrywide demonstrations to suppress the government to withdraw the laws.

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