Indian Air Force harassing family of deceased Squadron Leader Samir Abrol

Monitoring Desk: Indian Air Force (IAF) authorities are asking the family of deceased Squadron Leader Samir Abrol (who was killed in test flight of Mirage 2000) to withdraw statements against IAF.

According to Dispatch News Desk (DND) News Agency, family sources of late Squadron Leader Samir Abrol confirmed the reports that IAF has sent message to Samir’s family to withdraw poem written by his wife which accuses IAF for corrupt practices.

“The message which came from IAF is clear that if family would not withdraw charges then inquiry report of the incident would implicate deceased pilots and report would indicate that both pilots consumed alcohol before testing Mirage 2000 jet fighter before crash,” said family sources.

It may be remembered that Squadron Leader Samir Abrol and Squadron Leader Negi died in a Mirage-2000 test flight crash when front tyre of Mirage 2000 wobbled and came off and aircraft got fire due to friction of metal edge hitting the runway at high speed just second before the takeoff. Both pilots were on duty as test pilots for Dassault Mirage 2000 which was upgraded by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and it was first test flight of the fighter jet.

It is pertinent to mention that Garima Abrol, wife of Squadron Leader Samir Abrol used social media platforms to tell people how corruption in Indian Air Force is playing havoc with lives of young pilots as deep corruption in Indian Army has made Air Force fleet as flying coffins.

In her message on Instagram, she said:

And as he fell from the sky onto the ground,

With brokenbones ; all but a black box was found.

His ejection was safe but parachute caught fire,

Shattered the family and all that he desired

Never had he breathed so heavy, as for the last time,

While the bureaucracy enjoyed its corrupt cheese and wine.

We give our warriors outdated machines to fight,

They still deliver it with all their prowess and might.

Once again a martyr was killed,

As he fell from the sky onto the ground.

Unforgiving is a job of a test pilot

Someone has to risk it to show others the light

Proud of my husband

Fights on always my BATMAN !! जय हिंद

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