India works to destabilize neighbourhood since 1947


Monitoring Desk: “Ever since independence in 1947, India has been doing one or other thing to destabilize the countries in the neighborhood.

It supports one group over others or plays one card against others. It supported separatist Tamil rebels of Sri Lanka with arms, cash, and training. It also helped several ‘Free Tibet’ separatist groups in one way or the other. India blames Nepal of sheltering terrorists against India. But from 1996 to 2006, it was giving shelter to Maoists even by providing them with weapons and training”.

This is observed by Prem Singh Basnyat, Brigadier General (Retired) of Nepal Army in his latest article titled “Faults of India’s Nepal policy” published in Republica Kathmandu Nepal.

India works to destabilize neighbourhood since 1947
Writer Prem Singh Basnyat, Brigadier General (Retired) of Nepal Army says that India works to destabilize neighbourhood since 1947

Prem Singh Basnyat is the author of several books including “A Soldier’s Cry: Chronicles of Vices against National Security of Nepal”.

Basnyat writes that India not respecting Nepal’s territorial integrity and sovereignty has been the root cause to spoil the age-old friendly relations between the two countries.

The type of response and reaction coming from the Indian side over border Indo-Nepal border dispute and its deferral to resolving border issues through friendly peaceful diplomatic dialogues reinforces the fact that India has not changed its old habits when it comes to dealing with Nepal. For those who follow history, India’s overbearing attitude and behaviors with its neighboring countries are not new.

Writer is of the view that history had the record that India was behind all the political changes in Nepal from 1950 to 2006. The long-term goal of India seems to be to turn Nepal into another Sikkim if possible, and if not a puppet country like Bhutan. Indian leaders since Nehru have made this objective clear through their actions and policies toward Nepal.

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