India wants a free trade zone with the Customs Union – Putin

Moscow: The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has said that India wants to sign the contract on a zone to free trade with the Customs Union
As the correspondent of UNIAN reports, Putin told about it, speaking at meeting of the Supreme Euroasian economic council at the level of heads of states.
He noted that not only Turkey stated interest concerning integration into the Customs union, but also other large countries. “I would like you to inform, dear colleagues that the same interest is shown by one of the largest economy of the world is India”, -Putin told.

The president of Russia told that during his meeting with the prime minister of India this question was discussed. “He asked me to raise a question at our today’s meeting that India would like to consider possibility of signing of the contract on a free trade zone with the Customs union”, – Putin emphasized.

According to him, considering scales of the Indian market, prospect of development of Asia as a whole to members of the Customs union “it is necessary most to treat seriously this offer”. In too time he emphasized that conditions of the introduction in the HARDWARE have to be identical to all countries.

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