India proposes Eight Guiding Principles’ to Rebuild India-China Ties

Monitoring Desk: Indian Minister for External Affairs Jaishankar has proposed ‘Eight Guiding Principles’ to Rebuild India-China Ties, reports Indian Newspaper The Wire.


Addressing at India Conference of China Studies on Thursday, Jaishankar emphasized the principle of mutuality between China and India stating that mutual sensitivity and mutual interests are core principles in any workable diplomatic relationship.

India proposes Eight Guiding Principles’ to Rebuild India-China Ties

He noted that based on the experience of stabilising the bilateral relationship in the past, “eight broad propositions” could be drawn up to guide the two countries. According to Jaishankar, these are:

Eight Guiding Principles’ to Rebuild India-China Ties proposed by Jaishankar include:

  1. “First and foremost, agreements already reached must be adhered to in their entirety, both in letter and spirit”.
  2. “Second, where the handling of the border areas are concerned, the LAC must be strictly observed and respected; any attempt to unilaterally change the status quo is completely unacceptable”.
  3. “Third, peace and tranquility in the border areas is the basis for development of relations in other domains. If they are disturbed, so inevitably will the rest of the relationship. This is quite apart from the issue of progress in the boundary negotiations”.
  4. “Fourth, while both nations are committed to a multi-polar world, there should be a recognition that a multi-polar Asia is one of its essential constituents”.
  5. “Fifth, obviously each state will have its own interests, concerns and priorities; but sensitivity to them cannot be one-sided. At the end of the day, relationships between major states are reciprocal in nature”.
  6. “Sixth, as rising powers, each will have their own set of aspirations and their pursuit too cannot be ignored”.
  7. “Seventh, there will always be divergences and differences but their management is essential to our ties”.
  8. “Eighth, civilisational states like India and China must always take the long view”.
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