India imploding from within as brutal face of BJP exposed, say experts on PTV News

Islamabad, Pakistan: “India is imploding from within as torture, subjugation and purge that Indian government has been executing from Kashmir to Indian Punjab have been exposed and conspiracy of Indian government against Kisan Morcha has nakedly uncovered in last weeks”


These were observations of leading analysts including Lt Gen (Retd) Ghulam Mustafa, Ambassador Asif Durani, and Foreign Affairs expert Prof Shazia Cheema. They were of the view that a disinformation campaign of India against European countries and NATO allies could be an eye-opener for the world that was exposed by EU DisinfoLab. They added that Indian Media was also criticizing the Modi government as this ill-planned campaign ended as a disaster for India.  Discussion took place in a popular PTV Current Affairs show titled “Badalti Rayy” hosted by Dr. Sajjad Bukhari on Tuesday evening.

Participants while talking to Kashmir issue said that mass arrests, torture, extrajudicial executions, use of excessive force, harassment, and intimidation emerged soon after the abrogation of Article 370 in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

India is imploding within and brutal face of Modi is exposed in farmer’s movement, says experts on PTV News
India is imploding within and the brutal face of Modi is exposed in the farmer’s movement, say experts on PTV News

“Media continued to be at the receiving end of the pressure, intimidation, and harassment by the authorities, with several incidents of beating and thrashing of journalists. Besides physical assaults, journalists in 2019 also faced reprisals for filing stories on contentious issues. Children also faced illegal and unjust detention, sexual abuse, ill-treatment, including torture, at the hands of armed forces during detention and fear of further reprisals,” explained participants.

Participants said that Indian state terrorism has been seen in Indian Punjab also as well as in Delhi riots.

Prof Shazia Cheema was of the view that the so-called democracy of India is now fully exposed, first in Indian Occupied Kashmir and now in the case of peaceful movement of Indian farmers.

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