India delivered military cargo to Armenia, Iran acted as transit country – video footage

Central Asia and Eastern EuropeIndia delivered military cargo to Armenia, Iran acted as transit country –...

The movement of an automobile convoy through the Norduz border checkpoint (Iran) to Armenia has been recorded, the AZERTAC News Agency reported.

This has been reported by website, which has also published operational footage at its disposal. The footage shows that the transported cargo is covered with an awning in order to conceal its contents. According to the publication, the cargo transported from Iran to Armenia has a military purpose and was delivered to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas.

The site cites two independent sources to clarify that the sender of weapons is India, with which Armenia has recently been rapidly increasing military and technical cooperation.

“Judging by the video footage at our disposal, India has actually started pumping weapons and military equipment to Armenia. Baku has repeatedly warned New Delhi through all channels about the inadmissibility of rearming the Armenian army and creating an illusion of a possible revenge among the military and political leadership of Armenia,” the website notes, recalling that President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev openly warned India about this.

Thus, accepting the credentials of the new Indian Ambassador, Sridharan Madhusudhanan, in May of this year, President Ilham Aliyev brought to his attention that revengeful forces were raising their head in Armenia again and territorial claims against Azerbaijan were continuing. Stating that the rapid armament of Armenia was creating new dangers, the head of state noted: “If Armenia is really interested in peace with Azerbaijan, then why does it acquire weapons worth hundreds of millions of dollars?” The President of Azerbaijan stressed that this policy could lead to new threats to the region.

The article notes further that New Delhi cannot but understand what this could lead to: the supply of ammunition and lethal weapons to Armenia, including the Pinaka MLRS and long-range guns, poses a direct threat to peaceful Azerbaijani cities, even those located far from borderline territories. After all, the 44-day war clearly showed that the Armenian army suffering a defeat on the battlefield is capable of shelling peaceful settlements, killing people sleeping in their homes…

“The most cynical thing here is that India publicly speaks about international law, but openly supports the policy of inciting a military conflict and disrespect for the territorial integrity of countries in the South Caucasus. It also turns a blind eye to the fact that this runs counter to the principles of the Bandung Conference and the Non-Aligned Movement, of which India is also a member. Moreover, it was Nehru who stood at the origins of the creation of the NAM,” the author states.

As for the fact that deliveries are going through Iran, the publication notes that the southern neighbor has long ceased to surprise with its cynicism, duplicity and hostility towards Azerbaijan.

“Despite the fact that the clerical regime has long been an outcast in international relations, this doesn’t seem to deter New Delhi at all. Nothing personal – it is only about money (and fairly large), as well as personal and geopolitical interests. The shaggy-bearded fanatics, who for 45 years have been shouting that they are defending the interests of Muslims around the world and have fraternal ties with Azerbaijan, have long got hand-in-hand with Armenia, which is why they provide their territory for the transfer of foreign weapons to the “country of stones” without a shadow of a doubt,” the article says.

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