Independent India’s first stamp and Postal Service

Independent India’s first stamp and Postal Service


Independent India's first stamp and Postal Service

The principal stamp of free India was issued on 21 November 1947. Autonomous India’s first stamp portrays the Indian tricolor flying high in the mists, with the motto Jai Hind (Long Live India) on the upper right. The stamp had a blue foundation and was esteemed at three and one-half annas (around 0.22 India rupees in current terms).

India has a long and glad history of postal frameworks that were produced for military and administrative correspondences much sooner than the landing of Europeans. At the point when the Britishers and other European homesteaders in the end uprooted the Mughals, their postal frameworks existed close by those of numerous “free” states. At the point when the East India Company uprooted different forces and brought into presence a British managerial framework over the vast majority of India, the Indian postal framework as we know it today started to come to fruition.

In spite of the fact that the Indian Post Office was secured in 1837, Asia’s first glue stamp, the Scinde Dawk, was presented in 1852 by Sir Bartle Frere. The Indian Post System stretched its arrive at to just about all parts of India, Burma, the Straits Settlements and different ranges controlled by the British East India Company.

After the Independence of India in 1947, the Indian postal administration kept on functionning across the nation, gave vital integration to far-flung districts of the nation. It’s not unprecedented in India for the postman to peruse, and without a doubt compose, letters to/ in the interest of the individuals who can’t read or compose; an obligation that Indian postal workers perform with devotion till date.

The India Independence Day 2014 Google doodle is then a salute to that very soul, emphasizing Independent India’s first stamp with Friday’s date – 15 August 2014 – additionally offering in a postal imprint style stamp. In any case, those trusting for a somewhat expand doodle would be baffled by the doodle in India’s national shades.

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Independent India’s first stamp and Postal Service

Independent India’s first stamp and Postal Service

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