Income and deficit of Pakistan Railways in last three years

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Pakistan Railways earned worth Rs 54,514 billion in 2018-19 while its deficit was decreased to Rs 32.769 billion, the National Assembly was told.

In written replies to two separate questions by Ms. Nusrat Wahid and Ms. Mussarat Rafiq Mahesar, the Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed told the House that Pakistan Railways earned Rs 40,082 billion in 2016-17, Rs 49,575 billion in 2017-18, and Rs 54,514 billion in 2018-19.

Year-wise income earned by Pakistan Railways during the last three years

The minister also shared the detail of deficit of Pakistan Railways for the last three years from 2016-17 to 2018-19 as per following;

Year-wise deficit of the Pakistan Railways during the last three years

Sheikh Rasheed told that House that the deficit shows a declining trend as compared to last three years. He said that the deficit was decreased to Rs 32.769 billion despite that Pakistan Railways had to spend an additional amount of Rs 3.033 billion on account of increases in High Speed Fuel prices, Pay, Pension and depreciation of Pak Rupee against US Dollar.

The railways minister further apprised that following steps have been taken to improve financial position of Pakistan Railways:

  • Pakistan Railways has started 24 new trains with the same rolling stock and human resources which resulted in additional revenue earning of Rs 4.938 billion (54.514 ­ 49.576 = 4.938) as compared to the last financial year (2017-2018).
  • Introduction of EFI locomotives and Trains Tracking System has contributed in reducing the fuel consumption by 2.000 million liters.